The Magical Pants

June 28, 2010
By AsherJ SILVER, Parker, Colorado
AsherJ SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
~Dr. Seuss

Once time Julian went shopping. On this particular shopping trip Julian was excited to find the perfect pair of pants! They were jeans with a dark wash and fit perfectly. When Julian got home she hung them up in her closet, but soon she forgot about them.
This made the pants become dusty with age and when they fell off of the hanger they fell into a funny pile of pixie dust. The dust changed the pants, they were given magical powers! When Julian was cleaning out her closet she was saddened with the discovery of her perfect pants. In a strange hope she slipped them on. Even though she had bought them ages ago they fit perfectly.
Julian walked over to her full length mirror, admiring her figure. Her attention was caught by the postcard she had taped to her mirror. It was a scenic landscape of Paris. She sighed and wished she could go there. There was a strange noise, like the bubbling of hot water. Her vision got blurry and soon she couldn’t see. The world around her started spinning but could soon see again. She was still in her room but her pants were gone.
Little did she know that her desire to go to Paris had allowed the pants to travel to Paris. Actually it transported them onto the butt of a tall model staring down from the restaurant at the top of the Eifel tower. The owner of the butt, Lillian, was started by the wave of nausea that over took her before the pants appeared. At first Lillian was shocked but she told herself that she had always been forgetful and she had probably put them on this morning without thinking about it.
After coming down from the Eifel Tower she shuffled to her small room she was renting from an old couple. In it she went to her mirror. In order to see the entire pant she stood on the bathtub edge and peered at herself. When she saw her reflection in the mirror she jumped off the edge of the bathtub in triumph. With her tall but small body she could never find jeans that fit, but miraculously these mysterious jeans fit her perfectly.
Lillian wore the pants almost every day for a week. She received so many complements that when her big photo shoot arrived she was reluctant to take them off to change into the clothes the designed had designated for her to wear. Her agent practically had to tear them off her but eventually the wardrobe assistant had them in her arms. The wardrobe assistant was a normal sized woman and doubted the jeans would fit but stole away to try them on.
It took forever but the assistant was able to sneak to the bathrooms and try them on. She exited the stall and strutted over to the mirror. A young girl watched her from the corner of the bathroom. “Are you in the fashion show? Because you have a wonderful walk! You belong somewhere wonderful like Rome!!” This childish hope made the assistant begin to hear a noise like boiling water and she couldn’t see. The world spun and when she could see again they were gone.
The pants were transported onto the butt of an American tourist, Megan, from Colorado. Megan was short and plump. Megan was the opposite of Lillian. None of her pants fit her waist and her height so when her nauseous blurt was over she smiled in triumph as she saw the perfect jeans over her bottom half. They accentuated her curvy waist but didn’t fit funny.
Megan was super excited to have the pants, little did she know but the pants were happy to find a perfect victim. Megan loved the pants and wore them as often as she could wash them between wears. Megan brought them back with her to Colorado. In Colorado she wore them as many times as she could to her uniform school. Everyone loved them and she loved the way they gave her an instant boost.
Strangely every time Megan put on the pants they went on and off easily but in between they seemed to squeeze her. One day the jeans would not come off. She tugged and pulled at them. Megan yelled for her mom who couldn’t help her but could only ask, “How did you get into these!” Eventually Megan struggled into the kitchen to get a pair of scissors. As she moved them against her jeans they did no damage. The jean fibers seemed to have turned to iron and they were getting smaller and smaller. Soon Megan’s breathing strangely was effected. Her breaths became labored and it got harder and harder to breathe in. Megan’s whole family had left and she was home alone. Darkness enveloped her and Megan passed into unconsciousness.
When her family came home they found Megan dead from suffocation but she was pant less. The pants had moved on to their next victim.

The author's comments:
I was messing around using my friend's name in an unrealistic fiction piece

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