Cannibal Grape

June 28, 2010
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I am a grape. I loooove grapes, they’re so… sweet. But, I am not just any grape… I am… SuperGrape! I can fly large distances at the flick of a spoon! Yess, yes, I am that amazing.
Not really, but I am a cannonball… Er… cannibal.

I love grapes. They’re so delicious with sugar, or even plain… without anything on them… Some are sweet and juicy, others have a sweet n’ sour attitude, you know the kind. One minute they’re all nice and kind and then BAM! They’re suddenly sour. It’s a shame when beautiful grapes go waste.

Anyway… I’m hungry. If only there were a grape around. Or grape juice. That’d be nice, and refreshing. Hey, you look like a sweet grape, would you help my uhh… find my puppy? He’s missing and I really want him back… No? You won’t? Oh well… would you like some candy? Its extra sweet, and its uhh… good flavored. Yesss…. Take the candy. Isn’t it good? Mmm… huh? Oh, no, I’m not talking to you, I’m on my phone.. I er… I have a Bluetooth.

Oh, you’re tired now? Come on, sleep, I have a nice bed for you. Yess… sleep… sleeeep….
Dinner’s ready!

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