June 28, 2010
By Sammie11 BRONZE, Bradford, Pennsylvania
Sammie11 BRONZE, Bradford, Pennsylvania
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Once there was a girl named Madison and she was 16 years old. There was another girl named Killee and she was 15 years old. Killee and Madison were best friends but there was one problem Madison’s dad was a solider and there family had to move to an army base. Killee wanted them to rethink it but, they knew they had to go but Madison’s family was already packing. Killee was sad and so was Madison. Madison wished for a miracle to happen … Things weren’t in good shape the date they we’re leaving was June 16th and it was already June 10th. Madison asked her dad if she had to go and he said yes you do! He also said you will make new friends there and we will be moving around a lot more so be ready to change your life. The only problem was she wasn’t ready to change her life. Everyday to Killee seemed as if everyday was getting closer to the time when they were going to tell her they were ready for her at jail! Madison was spoiled by her parents but that would all change soon because her father was a solider. Madison was not ready to give up being on her cheerleading team at her school. At least she was not going to jail or pregnant. That would be tough if she was. Killee is in choir and is trying out for a play and she has so much drama going on she didn’t know if she wanted to audition. Madison was leaving in 2 days. Her father was already there and she would not see much of him. She felt like she was going to die but she was not. Her mom was having a hard time too. Her mother was having twins and they were due in July. The Twins were going to be girls and Madison was not happy to have two little sisters because she was an only child and she got whatever she wanted. How was her mom going to raise twins on an Army base when they were going to move around a lot? Killee’s dad lost his job along with ten other people. So far summer was a torture chamber and there was Badness around every corner. Madison got on the plane and moved to the post in Charleston, South Carolina. Madison was so unhappy to live in Charleston. Her mom gave the Twins all the attention that she use to get. Madison made one new friend named Tiffany. Her dad was in Iraq and the summer was over. She had a horrible summer. So now they were separate friends living separate lives. These are two of many summer problems.

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All about friends and summer

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