Over The Edge

June 23, 2010
By superstar31 BRONZE, Mastic, New York
superstar31 BRONZE, Mastic, New York
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So you want to know why I did it huh? Well, I’ll tell you why I did it. He was always picking on me and making me feel like garbage. Never treated me with the respect that I deserved. But I showed him who’s boss, man did I show him.
So you want to know when it all started? It all started on the first day of high school. I walked in ready to learn some important stuff. You want to know what that jerk did? He stuffed me in a locker and I didn’t so much as look at him. Guess I was just in his way as usual. So after a while it became a ritual: walk into school, get shoved in a locker, bang on it until someone was nice enough to let me out, then try to forget about it even though every time someone saw me they would laugh.
I dealt with him for three years and never fought back. I figured that maybe if I left him alone he would leave me alone but I was wrong. Then one day he punched me and that got me mad. Pushed me over the edge. So I stood up for myself like anyone else would have done in my situation. Only I got beat up and ended up in a hospital with a broken arm and a broken leg.
Now here comes the embarrassing part. Since my injuries had all come from Alex my mother decided that now would be a good time to “protect her little boy”. Well she jumped on the wagon a little too late if you ask me. But anyway so now I had a security guard escort me to all the places I needed to go (even to the bathroom) and if that wasn’t embarrassing enough my mother decided to join the security guard in escorting me around at least twice a week. Yup I had officially become laughing stock of the entire school.
So after a while my mom stopped coming and so did the security guard and there was no trouble at all. Then school ended and since I was semi-popular (for all the wrong reasons) I got invited to Alex’s summer pool party. But I prepared for the battle. I took a small backpack with me with enough room inside to fit a towel, bathing suit, and a gun (just in case). I didn’t think I would use it but I guess I needed to.
When I walked into Alex’s backyard I was greeted with hi-fives and hugs and loud, ear splitting music. I figured I would have a lot of fun. So Alex was the last one to greet me. This is where everything went wrong.
Alex sauntered over to me. When he got to me he smiled and stuck out his hand. I assumed it was a friendly gesture but nothing is (was) friendly about Alex. So me being the forgiving (not!) person I am, I too extended my hand to him. At first we shook hands, then he held my hand tighter and pushed me into the pool.
So when I got out of the pool and dried myself off I immediately decided tonight would be the night Alex would bully me for the last time. I ran to where my backpack was and pulled out the gun. When everyone was either too drunk to notice or elsewhere it was just me and Alex, standing by the pool.
Alex said “ Dude is everything alright?” and I said “No. Nothing is right. Nothing has been right since that first day of high school three years ago.” I said any last words Alex and all he could manage to say was “ What do you mean?” I pulled out the gun, pulled the trigger, and ran. But not too soon to see him fall into the pool and fill the pool with a dark crimson red.
So that brings us to now, doesn’t it? Listen I’m too young to be tried as an adult so I already know I’m going to juvenile hall. So let’s get this over with so I can go home, pack my stuff, and leave. I am glad Alex is dead and maybe next time someone will think twice about messing with me. ‘Cause you never know when I will go over the edge.

The author's comments:
this piece is purely fiction and was not based on any real events.

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