A Day in the life of a Flower

June 23, 2010
By iluvedwardcullen25 GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
iluvedwardcullen25 GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
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You may think that being a flower is very a trivial thing. You would be quite wrong my friend. We go through so much turmoil and troubles, you would be glad that you are not a flower.

My day starts when the sun begins to rise and I feel the dew upon me. The dew is not the most pleasant thing in the world, but it is not the worst I have to deal with.

After the sun is fully up, I feel my whole being begin to warm up. This feels exceptionally wonderful, but it cannot last. Since today is in the summer, I am usually burning up so much. If the rain would just come and dump itself onto the earth! My thirst would be quenched and I would not have to go through this suffering.

As the day gets hotter and hotter I honestly feel like I may just die. But alas! I never do. Sometimes, like right now actually, water will pour upon me. It does not seem like it is coming from the sky but I can never figure out where it comes from. Wherever this source of water comes from I appreciate it greatly!

This is the part of the day when something large and furry comes and sniffs me. I will never know what this creature is but I am thankful it doesn’t eat me. I do not need another thing to worry about in my tiresome life.

As the day comes to a close I am so overjoyed. I can now relax and wind down. Well, maybe my life isn’t all that bad? I never said I was a truthful flower, now did I?

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