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June 22, 2010
By wanttobeblond BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
wanttobeblond BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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my name is Genevieve Jane Joesph, i am sixteen years old. the thing is that i have been sixteen since 1710. I am not a vampire nor am i a werewolf or any other mythical creature you can think of. The only thing i know is that i can eat, i can breath, i can bleed, and i sleep. So i must be human. i consider myself an immortal. i know for a fact that i am the only immortal like me. the reason i know this is that my dad was what you would call an evil scientist. he spent his life working to find a way to stop death caompletly. but he didnt not live long enough to benefit from his life long work.On his death bed he pulled me close and whispered in my ear " you are my daughter and my only heir and because of this i want you to benefit from my work." with those words he pushed two vials in my hand kissed my cheek and said his last words to me. "one for you and one for when you find someone who you love." that was my dads last words to me and those words have haunted me for the last 300 years. That night I swallowed one vial and i put the second one in a small leather pouch and hung it around my neck. to this day where it still hangs. As my dads only heir i am a secret millionaire. i remember all of this while waiting for the buss and listening to my ipod. the song that is playing is Down by: Tyrone Brooks, i can relate to this song because i have been living in a cabin in a secluded forest for the last thirty years. being alive for the last 300 years, i have loved, lost and grieved countless times. i have fallen but not to the point where i can do to someone what i have done to myself. some days i think i have cursed myself by drinking that vial that night. but other days i believe that it is a gift that i get to see things that mortals dont see or take for granted. the buss stops and the driver asks "hey young one where you heading" "Anywhere nut here" i reply grabeing my tow bags that contain all of my worldly belongings and board the buss. for three days i watched stop after stop people getting on and off. i found myself unloading in Salem Massachusetts. i take the last step off the buss and breath the new englnad air. i take a deep breath out on a smile ready to start over again for the 30th time. i am so use to it that it is like second nature to me.i walk through the streets and feel not think that maybe just maybe this is the right place for me, that i might actually belong here. i am listening to random techno music when a woman stops me. "young lady do you have parents? you have been walking through these streets for hours." "its no of your business" i respond walking away. fifteen minutes later im in a cop car going to the police station. the dective pulls me into a room and says "what's your parents name." "i dont have any" i reply crossing my arms and continue "they died in a car crash." he leaves checks my records and says "since you have no other realtives were going to place you with miss. Mille Marquet" once again i find myself in the back of a cop car being driven to this lady's house that i dont even know. when we pull in the drive way and see the woman that called the cops one me in the first place.

The author's comments:
nothing really inspired me to write this it is that i wasnt paying attention during zoology class when this poped in my head.

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