Meeting Nell Part 2

June 22, 2010
By _Lia_Aqua_ SILVER, Moorhead, Minnesota
_Lia_Aqua_ SILVER, Moorhead, Minnesota
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Usually I didn’t buy Hollister clothes. I thought about why considering, I really did like them. Hmm, maybe I would start going there more often.

“Want to go swimming before we start?”

“Yeah, sounds good!” Both girls replied at once. I handed them some bikinis and took the one piece with the sides cut out for my own. They were all the rage now. We went outside and dove into the warm pool. The sun sank into our glowing skin as they lounged in the plush and absorbent chairs by the pool after having swum around and dived repeatedly off the high dive into the 15 feet deep end.

“Ready?” Chrissie asked after they had showered and dried off.

“Yes I am.” I replied smiling. They sat me down and twirled the chair around I she couldn’t see myself until the ultimate reveal. They put before-straightener in my hair and then when my hair was dried pulled the straightener through ½ inch strips of my already straight hair. They then put a spritz of shiner on my hair and pulled a softening product through it. When my hair was done it fell around my shoulders floating so softly around my lower back. They then started on my makeup. They brushed foundation on my already even skin tone, just to keep me from flushing. They then put on some lip-gloss after whitening my teeth with crest white strips. They curled my eyelashes heavily and then put on light brown eyeliner under my eye and brushed on some eye shadow and then the same brown eyeliner on my upper lid. They gently brushed on Lash Stiletto Mascara and smiled. They brushed on some blush and then opened their eyes wide. As they slowly turned the spin-chair around I looked eagerly in the mirror. Gone was the narrow eyed girl and here was a bright, wide-eyed, beautiful lady. My hair moved softly as I did and brushed my high cheekbones that were accented by the light blush spread across my cheeks. My skin looked like a tan porcelain doll’s.
“Hello!” A voice cried.
“There’s Ana.” Jana said.
“Ana?” I questioned, looking towards the bathroom door. Not completely ignoring the perfect round eyed, perfect lipped girl turning in the mirror.
“Yes,” Ana said quietly, “I do your nails.” Ana sat her down and unpacked her very many supplies. She grabbed for her hands and looked down at her well kept nails. It was a very good habit. Her Mom had taken her shopping once a week since she was 4 and even though they sometimes bought nothing it was still time together. She had pretty much bribed her. When she saw her biting her nails or when her Mom was giving her a manicure and saw ridges, she took away two shopping sprees.
Ana looked at my nails and started painting them into a French manicure. It took longer for Chrissie and Jana as they got acrylic nails. Once she was done Chrissie and Jana reported,
“Well we’ve got to be going now.”
“Okay. Oh and thanks for everything. This is amazing!”
“No big deal,” Chrissie said smiling.
“Bye!” They both called as they walked out the door.
“Bye!” I called back!
“Oh honey!” her Mom exclaimed coming forward from the garage. I expected her to stare but she didn’t.
“I always knew you were this beautiful,” her Mom said instead.

Chapter 5
The Fight
“You backstabber.” Annie called from the side of her locker.
“What?” I said, shocked at what she was hearing.
“What!” Annie repeated sarcastically in a very bad copy of my voice.
“Seriously Annie, what did I even do?” I responded semi-harshly.
“You ditched the group to go hang out with them?” Annie asked unbelievingly.
“Well yeah, but you never even really invited me.”
“Yes I did.” Annie said, “I’ll show you the text message.” She opened her phone and found it in her chat box.
ME: Hey. Some of us r gettin 2gether @ Arbys aftr school. You can come if u feel up 2 it. Its on 20th st. S. I could drive u 2… txt me bck loser =)
I looked at my reply.
NELL: Hi! It sounds ok but idk wht im doing yet aftr school. Ill try 2 make it… I will hav my Mom or a limo drver or something tke me if I go. Wrld Lit here I cme. By!
“See, I told you I invited you.” Annie snapped.
“Yeah and I said I MIGHT come. Chrissie and Jana had already asked me to hang out with them.” That wasn’t a total lie. They had been staring at her more than usual and she didn’t really even like fast food that much. Her food pyramid revolved around Sushi, salads, and water. It wasn’t because she was even on a diet or anything like that, she just liked that food better then greasy, hamburgers from McDonalds or Burger King or Arby’s. But her weakness was Lays chips. She loved regular and sour cream and onion.
“Well you still chose Jana and Chrissie over us.” Annie said snapping her back from inside her thoughts.
“Annie, it was just once. I don’t see why you’re getting so upset, but I am really sorry I ditched you guys. I can tell this is important to you. But I don’t really like fast food anyways.” I tried to smooth out the bad feelings.
“’Whatever. Why did I even care what you thought anyways? You’re just a spoiled rich girl with a big attitude looking for drama.” Nell swallowed hard. She really hoped that wasn’t the view she gave of herself.
“Well, I’m glad I know what you think of me then.” I said trying to swallow the big lump that was forming in my throat.
“Bye Annie.” I said running down the hall, my new hair style softly flying behind her as she flew to the bathroom.
As I flew by Chrissie I got a text from her saying;
CHRISSIE: Hun where r u going and y do u look lik ur gonna burst out :’( ing? Can I follow u?
I texted back;
I’m going 2 the bathrm 2 stp :’(ing cause Annie was a jrk. Idc if u follow me I jst need 2 stp this.
I received no message but saw Chrissie gliding along behind me. When we got to the bathroom, I washed my face and started reapplying makeup. Chrissie came behind me and put some cover-up under my eyes, which had started to become a little red. I knew I was being immature, I was almost 16. I should be able to control my feelings enough to stop my tears from those little insults but, it was hard. Suddenly I toughened up. Why would I cry over something that stupid? So what if Annie was a jerk. Did it really make any difference to me? If Annie wanted to act like this then she wasn’t really my friend.
Before I knew it, the days had gone by and I was going to be 16 tomorrow, which was a Friday. I had planned for a small gathering with Chrissie and Jana and a few of my new friends. I had sort of wanted to invite Ellie and Taylore but soon realized when one or two people in the group got invited, you had to invite the rest too. That was not going to happen. Over that week and a half Annie and I had not spoken to each other and barely looked at each other either. Anyways, Chrissie, and Jana with the help of my Mom had changed the idea of having a small Sweet 16 entirely.
When I woke up on the day of my birthday Mom was in my room with B singing their hearts out to a CD of Happy Birthday songs. I smiled at them and then went into my closet to get dressed. I walked back into my room and turned on the TV to the weather station. The middle aged and slightly balding, very sweaty man reported the weather today to; ‘be hot and toasty so better wear your short sleeves and turn on your air conditioners folks.’ I smiled. When was it not warm here? As I wandered back into my closet I picked a short pair of shorts and a top with straps that braided together in the back. I soon started on my makeup with the hour that I had before the bus came. The very last time of riding a school bus I hoped. Too soon the hour was up and I was headed out to the bus stop.
“Not today!” Said a voice from behind her and as I turned Chrissie smiled and said,
“Hop in chicka were going for a ride!” As I sat down Jana reached up from the back and put a ornate silver crown on my head. Happy early birthday present I thought to myself. As we pulled into Pacific High’s parking lot Chrissie parked and we all jumped out of her convertible. As we walked inside there was a banner on our floor that said ‘Happy 16th Birthday Nell!’
“No way.” I said, “How did you convince the teachers to let you do that?”
“We just said it was your 16th birthday!” Jana said. As we walked upstairs people started congratulating me saying variations of happy birthday and all those birthday wishes. Some added on, ‘see you at the party tonight!’ I was confused but didn’t voice it.
When Chrissie dropped me off at home I couldn’t believe it! The house was decorated with what looked almost but better than Christmas lights. There was a HUGE banner across one of the porches and as I peeked into the backyard I saw the same kinds of lights around the pool and fence and lounge area. ‘Wow.’ I thought walking inside. Inside was so clean I swore there wasn’t anything out of it’s place or even dust or something on the top of the fan blades. This is amazing! I thought looking in awe around my house. When I walked up to my room there was a big package on the bed. I was about to open it when Mom walked in and said,
“No, no, no! Not until the party starts. Now go get dressed, party time in two hours!”

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on Jun. 29 2010 at 7:19 pm
_Lia_Aqua_ SILVER, Moorhead, Minnesota
5 articles 0 photos 8 comments
This is the second part by the way. The first part is under Meeting Nell. Thanks for viewing, and I always appreciate your negative, and positive feedback.

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