Dark Moon

June 2, 2010
By Jason4232 BRONZE, South Burlington, Vermont
Jason4232 BRONZE, South Burlington, Vermont
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Dark Moon

Once upon a time there was a beautiful planet called Dark Moon. This planet was called this because it had a moon orbiting it that was black as night. Each day an hour before it got dark out all the sirens around the planet went off to warn the people to get back to their homes. This happened every night because when the moon was passing over the planet all power stopped working and if you stayed outside at night you were never seen again.

Every child, adult, and all of the elderly knew the rules about going inside their houses. There was a child named Jay who like everyone else knew these rules but he did not like them and every night he tried to sneak out of the castle. The only problem with trying to sneak out was that he was the king’s son and the king had guards set up at all the ways in and out of the castle. When Jay did manage to get past one of the guards he was always met by a fence and by the time he started climbing it a guard would see him. He was always punished for this. His punishment was usually that he couldn’t go outside for a day.

Jay only tried to get out because he was curious about why they couldn’t be outside at night. Whenever he asked they always told him because it was the law. At night he had dreams about people living in the forest covering a third of the planet. He knew that these dreams were far from real because there were very few outsiders and the ones that there were had all been put in jail.

The next day when the moon set, Jay got up early to go hang out with his friends. They were going to sneak off to the forest which was illegal to enter. They were riding their hover boards on a small path through the forest when the heard a noise.

“Jay did you hear that?” asked Stan.
As Jay turned to answer he didn’t see his friend Stan instead he saw a tall man wearing armor made out of a weird flexible material that looked like rock and sounded as if it had electricity in it because it was crackling. Jay screamed and sped his way out of there as fast as possible and all the while he heard thundering foot steps behind him but they were getting fainter and fainter.

Jay knew that he would be in huge trouble because he had gone into the forest. Not to mention the fact that two of his friends disappeared. When the King (Jay’s dad) asked if he had fun with his friend, Jay had to tell him the truth. When his dad heard what he had to say he became so furious that he broke the chair he was sitting in when he stood up. He quickly called for a servant and whispered something to him and he hurried off. Then he turned back to Jay with no traces of anger and said, “You have such an imagination. You probably just fell asleep and imagined this happened.”

Jay couldn’t believe it, his friends disappear and his dad just says that he has an over active imagination. So instead of saying anything more Jay just went up to his room to plan a breakout of the castle for that night.

First when everyone (but the guards) went to bed Jay snuck down into the dungeons where all the weapons were kept and stole a bow and three full sets of quivers. He also stole three balls of nock-out gas. He then walked straight to the front door exit and was stopped by one of the guards.

“What are you doing here go back to your room,” he said.

“Nah, I don’t really want to,” replied Jay.

Then as the guard reached out to grab Jay, Jay threw one of the nock-out gas balls and the guards instantly passed out. Once past the guards all he had to do was get through the gate. This proved to be easy because all he had to do was shoot the rope holding the gate in place with a few arrows. When Jay went outside he was immediately ambushed and knocked out.

When he woke up he was in a dark cave with water dripping down on him. His hands and feet were tied so he couldn’t move much to look around. He was also gagged so he couldn’t shout when someone made him sit up. The person who made him sit up un-gagged him and made him drink some water. Jay then felt the bonds on his wrists and ankles untied and heard a voice talk from behind him.

“Why would you want to leave the safety of the castle you live in and what is your name?” he asked.

“I came out here to save my friends and my name is Jay,” Jay answered.

“What do you mean save your friends?”

“I mean, Jay sneered, that your friends kidnapped my friend’s yesterday when we were in the woods.”

“You mean to say that someone kidnapped your friends in our woods?” the man replied genuinely surprised.

He then leaned into the woman who had untied him, whispered something and she ran off. When she had left the man told him his name was Arthur and beckoned for Jay to follow. When they walked out of the cave Jay gasped in surprise at what he saw. What lay before him was a huge city even bigger then his own. At that moment Jay realized why they weren’t allowed in the forest.

“We have never attacked your people and don’t plan to but if your people think we are kidnapping them then that could lead to war,” Arthur said.

“Well I certainly don’t want to go up against you guys so we had better find my friends.”

When they finished talking Jay realized that they were standing in front of a small wooden door. They stepped in without knocking and found several people tied up lying on the floor including both of Jay’s friends. Jay rushed forward to untie them and was instantly grabbed by the man he had seen the previous day. Arthur drew out what looked like a sword except that the whole thing was shooting off sparks and making crackling noises. Then the guy threw Jay at a wall and whipped out the same weapon that Arthur had and they attacked each other. Sparks were flying from the swords and both of the men with the swords were getting small burns from the sparks. Then Arthur got hit with the weapon on the leg and fell down under his collapsed leg still blocking hits. Jay knew he had to do something or Arthur would be done for so he pulled out a small brick shaped object that before his mother died gave to him and told him to only use it in emergency. He smashed it on the ground and in the rubble of the stone he grabbed a dagger that was sparking just like the swords. Jay took aim and threw the dagger at the man’s back and as it hit he gasped in pain and Arthur ran him through.

After this fight they traveled to a humongous castle to send a message to Jay’s dad to tell him that the man who had kidnapped his people was dead and that they were truly sorry for the kidnappings. They sent Jay back and told him to act as if nothing had happened and no one should ever find out about the dagger which had Arthur’s people’s royal seal on it. Jay got home and met a very worried dad and Jay told him he was very sorry for sneaking out at night and that he would never do it again. But Jay did wonder how his mother had gotten that dagger…
To be continued.

The author's comments:
This is a story that I thought up as i went along. The idea partially came to me from reading other books and my imagination.

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i liked it i just wanted more out of it

on Jun. 30 2010 at 3:27 pm
Jason4232 BRONZE, South Burlington, Vermont
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Thank you, I'll try to make the next part in more detail.

on Jun. 30 2010 at 4:28 am
Sanya123 BRONZE, Karachi, Other
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hello, your idea is actually wonderful. please do continue it, just make sure that you improve the imagery. describe stuff more elaborately :)


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