Room 12B

June 19, 2010
Why did I do it? Why did I do what I have done? Now I must sit here all alone, sentenced to a life of pure misery. Friends have abandoned me, my family hates me. If only I would have listened, I would not be here right now. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I’m not. I was just mad that day. Really, really mad. Once everything was said and done, I ran. I ran like the wind. As I sit here in this cold, lonely room, I can hear my mom. “Don’t do it honey, for mommy!” But I didn’t listen. I will never listen to another soul. Instead, I went ahead with my plan. Screams of pain could be heard for miles. A grin was placed upon my face. Why did I do it? What was the point of my action? Now I have been sentenced to this room. I feel like I’m being enclosed. Even with my sharp cries of help, no one hears me. No one comes to help. I don’t deserve this horror! I’m not a criminal! Why are you punishing me like this!? I can feel it. Oh yes, I can feel it. My spine tingles as the walls begin to get closer and closer to my trembling body. “Augh!”

Not another sound is heard from room 12B again...

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