May 31, 2010
Dana Sangree stared out onto the dark ocean waves, sparking from the full moon’s shimmer. The sky was deep black, littered with tiny pinpricks of light, adding to the night’s ethereal glow.

She stood there, feet apart, arms hanging limp at her side. The moon’s flicker graced her slender profile.

The sea stretched out to the corners of the Earth, just like Dana’s thoughts at this moment. Here she was free to contemplate anything.

Her eyes were dark and militant, filled with longing. They stared passively across the landscape.

Suddenly she folded in half. Landing on the cushion of sand beneath her, she briefly buried her face in her arms before she composed herself and lay on her stomach with her chin propped in the cup of her hand. She closed her eyes and tried to escape the feel of her chaotic life. The sound of the waves calmed her. Here, buried in reflection, the world didn’t whiz by, it unrolled

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