The Boy That Could Not Cry

May 31, 2010
By Sippy BRONZE, Newcastle, Washington
Sippy BRONZE, Newcastle, Washington
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It was a cold dreary day. The man slowly, without a care in his life, sulked off the bus and stepped onto the iced over pavement. Sebastian was his name, a weathered old man who stood approximately 6 feet and was as scrawny as if he hadn’t eaten in 3 weeks. Sebastian lived alone with his companion Rusty, a scraggily, blind, three legged dog who had severe arthritis in his hind paw. They lived in a forgotten lighthouse that sat upon a rocky bluff on the north shore, but they didn’t mind the quiet life because they had the excitement to change the world, also they were both deaf. The two cohorts had a quest to collect the tears of all the children lost in the wars of our past, present, and future, but in this scenario they were after the tears of the boy that could not cry.

Meanwhile there was a boy; his name was Clark. Clark was ten years old who was rejected by his parents and was cast off to live in an orphanage. However, Clark escaped the orphanage and lived alone on the streets under a damp, rusted, derelict piece of sheet metal. The reason of Clark’s misfortune was that he was born without eyes and thus was incapable of crying. The only thing to keep him sane was his loyal friend Manuel, a crippled parakeet that Clark found in a garbage can.

Sebastian and Rusty walked the streets of the dying city looking for some light, some hope-that might lie deep within the haunted city. They walked every alley, searched every corner seeking a boy who could not cry, but alas they could not find this boy. As they morosely walked up the frozen steps of the cathedral, they found a boy praying for hope, and a chance to have something better, but this would not come as Sebastian approached him. Clark little by little, inch by inch crawled away from his piece of metal he called home to greet the man that traveled so far to meet him. Sebastian looked at the boy and cried, and collected his own tears into his vial. Clark puzzled by this sound could not find it possible to comprehend its meaning, but Sebastian knelt down towards the boy and embraced him.

Sebastian, out of pity decided the only thing to do was to show kindness which was one of many things that Clark never had. Sebastian gave Clark his own eyes so that Clark could have the ability to see, imagine, and cry. When Clark was the face of this angel committed such a bold task of kindness to give him the ability to see, Clark began to weep, and with his weeping completed Sebastian and Rusty’s task. Clark was now free from the hatred that the world had shown him.

After he was done crying, Sebastian was gone. But the love that Sebastian showed on that cold winter day still remains with Clark and all the lost children in the world.

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