Seamless Beauty

May 31, 2010
By SarahK92 BRONZE, Hyde Park, Massachusetts
SarahK92 BRONZE, Hyde Park, Massachusetts
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Seamless beauty, no doctor could have done it better. Well, no better than the one that did it first. No open sores except for her mouth, where her harsh words spill out and feel like the scalpels that formed her picture perfect frame. Her underlying ugliness hidden so well beneath Botox and silicone cannot even be detected by the most respected of judges. But no one would dare judge her with the risk of her whipping backlash. Her long golden mane could split a man in two with the turn of her head. She may look frozen in time, but one wrong bite could split her stitching. Hand-wash only defines her needs. Slim and trim legs have never seen a ripple and her sculpted hips will always lie. Her vibrant eyes shaded by long, luxurious lashes harbor dark secrets lasered away with time. Her chin only whimpered as a child when it was innocent and young. Sixteen years of normalcy was too much, so youthful and so naïve. Today you see her glamour as yesterday you saw her beauty. Her cheeks once specked with freckles now only layers of fake tanned epidermis for fear of cancer or actual heat that would melt her faux smile. Almost luminescent with a too white shine, she gives her court what they want, in return a life of shame. She looks as expensive as her car, but costs thousands more. All that is left is her plastic corpse. At least it looks nice.

The author's comments:
I was bored in Creative Writing class and wrote this as a sort of repsonse to plastic surgery in today's society and the people behind it.

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