June 15, 2010
I looked up.
I saw the way the forest green of the trees met the bright blue sky.
I turned my head for a moment.
A small cricket was hopping by.
I turned my gaze back to the crisp skyline. The bright blue sky had turned to a murky grey.
It felt as a reflection of my life.
True, I was young. Merely 15 years. But I couldn't help but to feel that my life was spiraling out of control.
I looked over at my small friend, struggling to make it over the patch of leaves nearby. I picked him up and brought it to the other side.
I wished I was a cricket, so small, so innocent.
The life of a cricket was easy.
So simple, so plain.
but my skies were grey.
The storm continued onward, leaving nothing but a shadow of my past on everything, hanging as a cobweb over the areas near.
the cricket was standing near me.
I smiled at the notion of a friend.
I looked at my watch.
Two minutes.
I didn't regret the pills I took.
There was nowhere i would rather spend my final minutes.
I felt myself drifting.

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