Golden Leaves

June 14, 2010
By Tgentry15 SILVER, Moses Lake, Washington
Tgentry15 SILVER, Moses Lake, Washington
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Celebrate your successes and stand strong when adversity hits. For when storm clouds roll in, eagles will soar while small birds take cover. BE AN EAGLE

She is a tree. Thick skinned and tough. Rings keep track of her experiences. Each one only exemplifies the wisdom she has gathered. 
Starting as a seed, her branches grow tall and wide and her roots stretch deep. Friends and family like rays of sun shining down to build her up. Branches stretch high touching the clouds and stars, sun and moon. The impossible suddenly seems so much more in reach.
Green, healthy leaves surround her. She is protected under their cooling shade. Soon it turns cold and her leaves turn golden. The cold times make her branches wither, leaves drop, and she is chilled. Frozen in a time where she has nothing except for a couple hours of sun. She is bare to the harsh conditions and winds and rains tear at her tough exterior.
But she stands strong; she refuses to break as much as her branches creak. And just as soon as the cold weather comes, it is over and the sun is out longer through the day. Her leaves grow back and she is shaded once again. Remaining strong in the cold brought her only another blessing of sunlight, for each passing of the season only adds another ring. 

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