Wolf (prologue)

June 13, 2010
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It stared down at me with bright blue eyes clear as a pond in the middle of a windless summer day and dipped its head down as if in a nod. Never breaking eye contact the wolf slowly brought it's head head back up and swung so the bulk of his body went to the right. Then, even as I saw it coming, it bunched up it's legs and, faster than i thought an animal could move it leapt up over me and scooped me up by my scruff.

I wanted to fight, kick it until it stopped moving but instinct took over and i swung paralyzed from it's mouth. The wolf loped off the path i was fallowing and onto a more worn looking path, most likely made form the other wolfs always traveling past.

It was a dangerous route I had taken as it goes past this very path i am swinging over now. But I had to take it if i was to make it to the meet on time, but now i guess i won't.

We sped up and soon the ground was a blur and the trees markers for how the path went. I squirmed some but gave up when i saw it did no good. Ahead there was a slope and thats where the sky met the land. I had never been this far before and wondered if we would start running on the sky. Sadly i realized that the sky seemed to move farther away as we got closer.

It was almost dusk now, and the wolf had slowed down now to a walk. The few trees cast shadows that engulfed all in their path and they got bigger as the sun got smaller. Soon we approached a thicket of trees and as we entered the dense grove I wondered how all of these trees got there. I soon found out though for at the center of the bunch of trees, a good 20 yards from the trees in all directions, a pool of water sat. In the now silent night a stone lay in the center of the eerily still water. Above the pool may be 3 feet wider than the pool itself a gap in the trees presented itself. As the wolf threw his head up I caught a glimpse of the stars and assumed later the moon would come over the earth.

I was so mesmerized by the sky and how similar my sky was that i didn't realize the wolf had let go until I saw a splash of water engulf me. As i gasped for air I slowly sank, not knowing how to swim. The last thing I saw was the wolf's family, now gathered around the pool, then a bright flash before the shadows stole me and I finally understood why.

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Mistyofthemeadow said...
Jul. 2, 2010 at 5:03 pm
I love the beginning of your stories! They really grab the attention. 
Vampyro replied...
Jul. 7, 2010 at 11:57 am
I am currently writing the first chapter
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