June 12, 2010
By Anonymous

(I'll break every mirror
to kill the pain

I'll scream my heart out
to silence the voices

And in the end, I'll bleed
to stop the haunting)

The final sacrifice for the heart
demands the highest price, just a special part

When I'm down on my knees
And all around me the angels weep

The mirror shows me what I've become
And the demons ask me what would I give up

My freedom, my life, my soul
for my love, I scream, I'd give it all

But will it be enough I wonder
as the demons begin to shriek and flutter

Inside myself I tremble and cry
Wishing I could say goodbye

They want my blood to paint the floor
and tear my soul so I breathe no more

The excited voices smell of greed
Darkness spreads and I can't breathe

The cold, black and terrifying cover
takes me in and pulls me under

Pain shakes and shudders my body
Screams that ache and beg for mercy

I wish you could kiss me one last time
Always there in my mind

My love, my angel, my darling
I know you see me, I hear you calling

Fresh tears creep through my closed eyes
I'd never believed I could want to die

I'm shattered
lonely pieces falling
and losing their way in the night
I'm broken
torn apart at the seams
and all I see is blinding light

Tears streaming down
and you crying my name
can I tell you once again
I love you my angel
I'm sorry, don't worry
I'm not afraid because I have you
I'm peaceful now and you can be too

But I still long for your warm arms around me tight
and your sweet kiss goodnight

The author's comments:
This is a tragic song of love and evil.

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