My Boyfriend's Kid

June 12, 2010
By Princess511 BRONZE, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Princess511 BRONZE, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
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"Ce Ce wake up." my mom yelled from down stairs.
"It's Satarday!" I yell back. I jump out of bed. I quickly walked to my door and lock it. Just as I get back in bed.
Knock Knock
I smile.
"Ciara Aleasha Livingston if you don't open this door. I swear to you all hell will break out in this house." she yelled from behind the door.
This time I dragged out of myself out of bed.
"Mom it's Satarday. Why do I have to get up so early today."
"You must have forgot today we are going shopping," she said smiling.
I got in bed and pulled the covers over my head.
"Why in the world do I have to get up so early," I demanded.
"Because we're going to get some breakfast first,"she said sweetly.
"MOM. It's to early, can't we go later," I begged.
"Okay. You know when grandma was in the hospital I said 'I'll go see her a little bit later.' and when a little bit later came and I went to see her she went into a coma." she said while in my closet.
"Fine.I'm up." I said getting up. It seemed very much obvious that she was not going to leave.
"I walked into my bathroom and ran a hot bath.
"That's my girl." she said coming out of my walk-in closet. "You know what you are going to wear." she asked.
"I guess that drees you got me last week." I said, still a little sleepy.
"Do you want to stop somewhere and get your dad a present?"
"Yes. That would be nice." I said.
My dad is Robert Anthony Livingston one of the World's best movie directors and my mom is Alicia Olivia Livingston. One of the best models in the bisness.
Dad hass been in Texas shoting his new movie Lovers End staring Robert Downey Jr. and Jessica Alba.

When I was finally dressed I examed myself in my full-lenght mirror. Look for any flaws that needed to be corrected. I gave myself one more glace before heading down stairs.
"Don't you look beautiful," my mom said. She's always told me that I have what it takes to be a model but I've always been more intrested in dad's work so I decided to become a writer.
"Thanks mom."

After we had breakfast at Chief John's we went to the mall go to our favorite store first. Victoria Secret.
My dad almost had a heart attack when he found ou my mom takes me to there and actually lets get get thing other than lotion and perfume.
We went to about six other stores before we got huingry again.
We decided to eat at the mall. We walked over to the food court. A few people reconized my mom and asked for pictures and autographs. We decided on Chinese food and got in line at Ming's.
After we placed our orders we found a table. just as I sat down agroup of boys walk in. All of them where like sky scrapper. One of them had on a sweat shirt that read Linclion High School Basketball Team.
They all were cute but, I almost lost my breath when the last two guys came in to join the group.
One of them was carmel colored with hazel eyes and full lips. I tried not to stare but I couldn't help it. Our eyes met only once before I remeber that my mom was there with me and that we had to get our food.
"Mom I want to go home," I said ready to leave.
"Why you want to go to another store."
"No i just want to go home." I said. I hope she would just give in and take me home.
"Okay. I getting kinda tired anyway. Lets just finish eating then will leave okay."
It would have to do for now.

When I got home I ran up to my room and called my best friend Crystal.
"Get dressed," I demaned.
"We're going to mall." I said getting irritated.
"Why?" she asked again.
"Stop asking questions and get dressed."
"I don't have any money."
"I pay," I said ready to leave. I knew that those boys would be there untill midnight. I had untill then to met him.
"Your paying I'm in."

"So we came to the not to shop, but to find a boy you don't even know," she said making my plan sound crazier than it really was.
"Stop whinning I'll buy you something before we leave."
I stopped in my tracks.
"There he is," I said pointing his way.
"Him? He looks like a thug or a grug dealer." she said reffering to he sagging his pants and his over size t-shirt.
"So. He is cute you cannot tell me he's not," I said now facing her.
"Okay he is a little cute. What to do now that we've found him,"
"Know we need him to notice me so he can fall in love with me and we both live happily ever after."
"The end," a voice said from behind me.
I turned around and it was him. Standing a little over six feet tall. I notice he had a tatoo on the side of his neck.
"Hey. I'm Ciara," I said, trying to hide my embarassment
"What's up.I'm Jamal." he said shaking my hand. "Would you ladies like to join my friends and I for lunch."
I smiled. Crystal nuged my arm, giving me a skeptical look.
"Umm. I promised my friend I would buy her an outfit. I don't think she going to let me enjoy my evning untill I do."
"Okay. How about when your done you meet us at the movies?" he suggested.
"That sounds like a plan to me."
He walk back over to his friends.
"I want shoes and a purse if I have to go to the movies too," she said grabbing my hand and leading the way to JC Penny.
"What ever you want," I said as I locked arms with her.
Jamal suprised us by joining us at the shoe store.
We both tried on numerous shoe. Jamal was getting bored because he was nodding.
We finally decided on two shoes each and headed off to the movie theater.
Jamal inroduced us to his friends Bud, Tay, Codie, DaDa, and Ant.
We decided to see Get Him to the Greek.
We stayed at the mall for about another half hour. Crystal was actually taking an interst in Tay.
I knew we had to leave because my mom had texted me for the third time asking where I was I called and told her my situation.
She said she wanted to know everything when I got home but kept ttexting me asking questions.
"I think it's about time for us to leave. Will you walk us to my car?" I asked politely.
"Of course." He took my hand lead the out. Proving himself to be a true gentelman opening the door for us.
Just as we walked out a girl and a group of her friends were about to enter but stopped and looked at us.
Jamal stopped as well.
"Awl so she the reason you can't call me."
"Shay. Please lets not do this here."
"Whatever I deon't care who you're seeing. You need to know that your daughter," that part was meant for me, "needs dipers."
"Your what,"I said looking at him in disbelief.
He got mad her and they started argueing while me and Crystal ran for my car.
He followed but he didn't catch us.
All the way home Jamal has been caqlling and texting me but I just didn't want to talk to him right now because secretlly I was jeolous of her.
I ran to my room, lock the door, ran a hot bath, and soaked away my troubles.
How am I suppose to compete with his daughter.
I had given it a lot of thought and decied to call him back.
"Ciara I can explain," he said.
"There isn't anything to explain you have a child. I'm just going to have to get over it." I said with a sigh.
"I really wish you didn't have to find out that way."
"Really it's okay. But I would really like to get to know you and your daughter." I said suprising myself a little.
"We both would like that. Wouldn't we Erica?" he said I could hear her making noise on the other end.
I could tell this was going to be an intresting relation but little Erica gave me hope.

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