Any Thing Can Happen

June 12, 2010
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Walking down the streets of San Diego, Valentina felt so alone, just thinking to herself, how could this happen to me. As she looks down to the floor, her cell phone rings. She looks at it and sees that it’s her boyfriend, Luie, calling her to see if she’s okay. They haven’t talked in days and he’s worried, but she’s just trying to figure out a way to tell him that he’s going to be a daddy. While walking around, she passes by a park and sees a little family of three kids with their parents. Valentina sits under a tree crying, with so many questions going through her head. The parents of the family she was looking at walks over to her and asks her what’s wrong. She tells them her situation and lucky for her the couple was in the same situation five years ago when the lady got pregnant with her first child. The lady tells Valentina to just tell Luie and if he leaves then he’s going to miss out on making his child happy. And if he stays then that proves that he’s a real man.

Valentina finally gets enough courage to tell Luie…over the phone. When she tells him, he gets so happy that the love of his life will have his child. Feeling relieved, Valentina starts to talk to Luie more often again. The baby is in great health; everything is going good…except that Valentina’s father does not approve of sex before marriage, never the less a baby before marriage. But Valentina and Luie weren’t ready to get married. It’s September 7th; the baby is due any day now, but the couple is invited to go eat at a friend’s house. When they reach the house, their friend, Brandon, greets them. In the kitchen, Valentina is sitting down on a chair holding her stomach. Her stomach is hurting so bad and she doesn’t know why. She tells Luie, but he just thinks that its gas or something. Over the next 30 minutes or so, the pain gets worse and worse. It is now 5:40 p.m. and at that very moment she realizes that she’s going to have the baby at their friend’s house. Everybody gets out of the way as Luie guides Valentina to the couch. As Brandon’s mom helps prepare Vale to give birth, Brandon is calling an ambulance to come help. Luie holds her hand as she tries to push their baby out of her uterus and into the world. At 6:20 p.m. the baby is out and they find out that it’s a baby boy. Luie offers to name their child Jonathan Tommy Gonzalez Jr., after Valentina’s father.

Valentina calls her father the next day to go pick her and Luie up from their friend’s house; but she doesn’t tell him that she gave birth. When her father arrives, he starts to cry as he sees his very first grandchild. When they arrive at their house, Valentina’s mother, Evelyn, gets mad because Valentina didn’t come home last night. But when Evelyn sees that Valentina had her son, she shut up and asked to hold him. When she nearly drops baby Tommy, Valentina takes her baby away and goes to her room.


It’s September 6, the day before baby Tommy’s first birthday, and Valentina’s father sends her to the store to buy some carne to grill at the park tomorrow. Valentina gets her baby ready and they go out the door. A few houses away from where she was standing, Valentina saw a driver losing control of his silver ford pick-up truck. She was holding her baby and running to get out of the way of the truck, but the driver couldn’t gain control of it no matter how hard he tried. The truck runs into the wall of the store, crushing Valentina and her baby. As the ambulance arrived people looked around to see if everybody as alright. The driver was fine. The people in the store were fine. Valentina and the baby were not. Valentina’s parents were running outside to see what happened, worried if something happened to baby Tommy and Valentina. As they reach the scene, Valentina’s father held Evelyn as she cried when they saw Valentina and baby Tommy lying on the floor, cold as the winter breeze. Time of death 3:23 p.m.

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