She dies going to another demension only to find her enemy good before all hell fell on his shoulder

June 11, 2010
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My heart slowly starts beating again as my eyes begin to flutter open, my vision was very blurry but as I lay there in silence with only the slow beat of my heart to make noise I soon begin to see. White, I’m surrounded by white walls. I thought as I slowly began to stand up, when I was finally standing I noticed it. There was writing on the walls, even on the selling. As I got closer I saw that the writing was in red. I put my finger to it and felt the freshness of it, that moist feeling; I lifted my finger to my nose and inhaled. ‘‘Blood.’’ I said softly to myself and whipped my finger on my jean pant leg. I took several steps back so that I could see the writing more clearly again. ‘‘It’s not even English, what does it mean?’’ I said to myself, the encryptions on the walls were abnormal, like nothing I’ve ever seen before, but the question remained. What do they mean? The thought past through my head for what felt like a long time until a slight breeze tickled the back of my neck. I turned around to see where the breeze was coming from but I could only see what seemed to be an endless corridor with a wooden door at the end. I gradually made my way to the door, walking down the corridor felt like it was getting smaller and smaller even though I know it wasn’t, I stood in front of the door for a moment and saw the handle. I tried to twist the handle but it was locked, I fingered the key hole think just where could it be.
‘‘Look under the carpet.’’ A voice said from behind me.
I spun around to see who was there only to find that I was alone. Hesitatively I bent down to look for the key but there was no carpet or a key. I stood back up straight and tried the handle again but it was still locked, after a minute the door began to slowly open by its self. A gust of wind blew out the partially open door making my hair flop around my face, as I whipped my hair out of my face I realized that I was sweating. My forehead covered in sweat and my neck tingling with warmth, why was I sweating and why did my skin feel like it was on fire?

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