June 1, 2010
Jenna’s breath was hard and icy,it quickly pounded against the frigid walls. The cold sting of air on her bare skin was excruciating. Thinking of a fire was warming, even though a fire was in a far off distance. The only source of heat was her own body heat. If she didn’t get out of this sinkhole she would die, fast.
As the last bit of daylight faded away so did Jenna’s hope. Her fear growing inside stilled her. Negative thoughts ran through her head viciously. The thought of dying was frightening but it also calmed her. Jenna had always wondered what death would be like. “Would it be peaceful, hard? Could you tell that you were dying? or would you fade away and not feel a thing?” That was the very last thought she had before her eyes got heavy and her breathing got lighter. Then she slipped away.

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