Jungle Fever

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

“Now if I were a scared evil villain that wanted to hide from people that might foil my plans… where would I put the door to my lair?” Taylor asked himself as he leaned on one of the many tall trees around him. Having searched since sunrise till the sun has just begun to kiss the horizon and being rained on all day Taylor heard something out of the ordinary. It hadn’t come out of anything that came from a howler monkey or a panther that he’s heard before. It didn’t even sound like it would come from any of the other beautiful and even strange critters that have inhabited the forests for years. No it was more of the sounds of whining metal gears and pistons working hard to open up a secret opening which lead to a pure white hallway. As he moved towards the doorway he could feel the cool air rushing past him as if, it were being chased by a monster. As he stepped in to the hallway he shivered a bit from being out in the one hundred degree jungle weather.

Taylor almost wanted to just stand there to take in the full relaxing effect of this cool breeze from the doorway but he couldn’t and he knew that so he started down the stairs and the walk through the white hall. As he started down the hallway the door behind him started closing and he went straight for his night vision goggles. As he put them on and turned the gadget on the room went from a clean white to a strange green glow. But that’s not the only change he saw. Just a matter of inches in front of him there was a maze of red beams. But these weren’t like laser pointer lasers these were touch a laser and not only will you trigger an alarm and what most likely an auto-turret gun or two, to be waiting in the wall for you. But the kinds that even if you tried to run straight through the hallway you’d get burned and cut into ribbons if you didn’t have the special keycard that would temporarily shut off the lasers so that you can walk by. So as Taylor started to back towards what use to be an entrance he spotted an alcove to duck into and decided to find out what would happen if he were to trigger the lasers so he looked around and found a stray leaf. Taylor picked it up and threw it onto the lasers. And just as he expected the leaf caught on fire and was cut in half triggering the auto-turrets as well as the alarm. As Taylor peeked out from the cover of the alcove shots from the auto-turrets wiped by his head as he peaked out. Standing in the alcove while the alarms were killed Taylor heard a radio go off.
“Fred what’s down there?” the voice from the radio asked with a little distort from the semi empty hallway.
Taylor strained to hear anything else from the radio but as he did he realized that there were footsteps from the guard a few yards from him. He was a stocky man that you could tell he could defend himself if needed. But if you really looked at him closely you could tell he wasn’t a very smart person, then again not a lot of thugs are.
“Seems like it was just a dumb leaf, its all clear down here from I see must have been just a glitch.” The guard said and started walking towards the closed entry.
As he got closer to Taylor and the entrance his footsteps got louder from the empty hallway amplifying the sound. Then as the goon stopped and called in the alarm as a faults alarm again Taylor reached out and grabbed the goon by a headlock pulling out a silenced gun to his head to stop the lackey from squirming.
“Okay first off keycard if you would please…” Taylor asks as the guard complies “and also your radio so there isn’t any complications later for me.”
But once Taylor got what he needed he clicked off the radio and knocked out the guard and tied him up so that he won’t cause any troubles while he was in the base. Taylor started back down the white hall and just as Taylor thought the lasers deactivated with an electric buzz turning back on as he passed them and walked into the base without any further trouble. Smiling at his success so far he entered the base to find his foe and once again foil his plans of taking over the world.

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