A Blessed Curse

June 6, 2010
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A silent soul slips from the lifeless body that has yet to become cold. Floating around the room, screams tear from her throat, though none seem to notice. Alone and cut off from the rest of the world so previously inhabited, somehow there is still a connection refusing to let the inevitable happen and allow another to slip into oblivion. Mind racing—panic starts to consume, then, like a cloud moving from in front of the sun to let the unadulterated rays of pure sunlight shine down and strike the earth, a new thought suddenly hits and fills her up. Since no one could see or hear her, this could be her chance to gain a better understanding of how others react when they hear of her untimely demise.

The first stop on her long journey is with those who know her the best—her family. One look told her all she had guessed. Tears, hugs, and acts of kindness tell of a quiet mourning. These were the people who watched the growth of a little girl into a young woman and still accepted her without constraints or judgments. Sadness tinged their very actions, but one thing did make the silent figure take a closer look. The woman who had carried her in her womb and supported her throughout life was reminiscencing old memories of their lives together—the only thing wrong was that she was not telling the stories right. They seemed to have changed to exclude all of the fights, hard times, and other memories that did not portray the mother in the best light. Deeply aggrieved, she stole into the night pondering how someone so close could change their history to make themselves look better instead of stating the truth.

Still distressed over what she had just witnessed, the next stop in her nighttime travels was where comfort came in large measures. Alive, long walks to the park were a favorite pastime of hers, and that is just where she wanted to go now. Perhaps it will have the same effect as of old—clearing the mind and allowing thoughts to course throughout her mind uninhibited and welcome as she thinks of what has just occurred. Her secret spot was just that to everyone except her friends whom were like family. They held her confidences as closely as she had held theirs. Linked together by the bonds of friendship, these were those of whom anything could be told, and fights, though few never lasted more than an hour and strangely had the rare effect of actually bringing them closer. As she neared her favorite tree, voices could be heard as they floated from the other side.
Rounding the tree it became evident that her closest group of friends had scattered themselves around it. They too could hardly keep from talking of events so recently past.
“Have you ever noticed how quiet she was? “ one of her friends was telling the others.
“That’s only because you were new to the group Ben,” said a dark haired girl who was resting her back against the tree. “She wasn’t always like that. When we were kids, I used to think she was so weird since she never really seemed to talk to anyone, but then I invited her over to my house for a birthday party. We have been best friends ever since.”
“Well I guess not every one is as special as you Clory,” Ben retorted.
“I do have to admit though that the only reason I started hanging out with her in the first place was because I had a huge crush on her brother and I was hoping I would get to see more of him if Morgan and I became friends. “
“Ha wow some friend you are…, “ was his response. “I guess I can’t really say anything though, I only used to call her up to hang out when I was fighting with someone else or needed help with a girl.”

As the spirit of their friend hovered over them, tear started to fall with out check. How could this people only have been using her? She had told them everything, trusted them completely, and it turns out they only wanted a friendship to supply their own desires. Heart broken and forlorn, she wanted to get away from her sanctuary as fast as she could. Something held her there yet, though it took a minute to figure out what it was. A solitary figure was actually in her tree, sitting in the same spot she had visited for so many nights.
Upon closer look, it was revealed to be one of her older friends, but one that she had gotten into a fight with years ago. It had ruined their ties and separated the two for years. Bobby was actually crying. Holding onto a special gift she had made him in kindergarten for his birthday, real remorse was evident on those features. But how could this be? Over six years ago was their fall out where many hurtful words were flung into the space between them causing an irreconcilable difference, or so she had thought. Since that fateful night, the thought that he had hated her stayed in her mind plaguing any thoughts of reconciliation. What a fool she had been. Could that closeness really have been severed in such a way? True friends need not part when they were linked so closely together. A true friend was what he was. No expectations. No hidden agendas. No judgments. Wasted but never forgotten.
Pain welled up inside until she could stand it no more. As the sun was coming up over the horizon, it was time for the last stop she wished to make. Her school had been a prison to her as she traversed the years at that institution. Not really fitting in anywhere, but could talk to everyone, now was the time to see how they had seen her.
Eight o’clock, no time to turn back now. The journey from classroom to classroom was tedious and time-consuming. Results that were yielded all proved to be typical. They had not really known the girl behind the shell she portrayed for all to see. Quite and reserved, she had been afraid to really get out of her comfort zone and meet the people she would spend so much time with, and it showed clear as day as she listened into the conversations of those whom four years were spent. The end of the day neared and eighth hour had quickly approached. This was the one class she decided to spend the entire time in. as discussion turned to her demise, talk of the usual were of no surprise. They did not really know the person behind the mask, but what a shock it was to learn that some had actually wanted to! Who knew that this quiet girl could have actually been more had she tried?
Weight seemed to lift and a glorious light seemed to consume the room until it hurt the eyes and she had to look away. When she finally turned back, a lone person was standing there.
“Morgan, you may return if you wish it…, “ said the luminous person.
This was one she had to ponder but the answer came quickly enough to her lips.

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