Tall Tale!

June 6, 2010
General Prologue
The devoted mother was a chubby old woman who cared for her children no matter what. Her name was Helga. She was a strict and stubborn mother. She always kept the house clean with Windex and baby wipes. She never left the house without making a dish ready to cook. She had dark brown hair and kept it in a bun. She absolutely adored broaches and pearls that matched her outfits. She was always had a first-aid kit and camera handy. She couldn’t help but organize everything with her portable label-maker. Whenever she met anyone, she would show them baby pictures of her children and carried her youngest child in her arms. She adored matching outfits for her children and couldn’t help but take pictures. At the end of the day, all she would love to do is sit at home with her children watching TV together even if they would sneak out when she fell asleep.

Helga’s Tale
Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. The girl’s named was Sophia. She was very quiet and rarely had anything to say. She was known to be very nerdy and organized. Her family was different from the any other family because her father was in the army and her family would always be moving around. She never really had any true friends but she always memoirs and stories to tell. The boy’s name was Eric. Eric was known to be the player, in sports and in relationships. He never believed in true love. He always had pressure on him, on the field and from his parents. He never had any emotions. The Sophia had a much harder life than Eric.
Sophia just started school at a new high school and in a new state. On the first day of school, she was lost as usually trying to find her classes. She had no clue who to ask or where to go. As she’s walking down the hall she connected eyes with Eric. She noticed him and felt love at first sight, Eric on the other hand just saw her as another hot girl, no feelings what so ever. As they walk by each other, they have a certain vibe. He felt different this time.
As she walked into the science classroom she noticed him right away. The teacher introduced her to the class and told her to sit in the empty sit by Eric. It was awkward at first but as weeks went by they got use to each other. During those weeks, Eric and Sophia started to bond and their relationship grew. They seem to have a relationship only in class because she was considered as a nerd and not beautiful compared to Eric who was considered as a Jock and was very handsome. He didn’t want to be seen with her knowing that it was going to ruin his image.
Over time she noticed that he wouldn’t want to study with her after school or be walking with him after class. She talked to him about how she felt and why he wouldn’t hang with her after class and he would never explain it to her. Overtime, she felt like she needed to prove herself somehow. So one day she went out and changed her appearance, she felt more confident. When Eric saw her he was surprised and absolutely shocked that he wanted to be with her. But she noticed that since she changed her appearance he wanted to be with her more compared to the time when she didn’t care about her appearance. In conclusion, looks shouldn’t matter. He shouldn’t have treated her unfair when she was herself compared to the time when she changed her appearance.

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