A mix up

June 5, 2010
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Once upon a time both families want a cat, one family was Henry’s and the other was Henry’s family wanted a white cat and Harry’s cat wanted a black cat. Unfortunately they didn’t have the cat they dreamed of, here is what happened, and one early morning Henry’s and Harry’s call the animal shelter at the same time. The speaker picked up both phones and took notes of what kind of cats they wanted; they even mention the cat’s color. Later the speaker went to his boss “so what cat are they looking for?” said the boss, the speaker said, “umm there are two families one is Henry’s and the other is Harry’s and I think Harry’s are looking for the white cat and the Henry‘s are looking for the black cat.” “Are you sure?” asked the boss “yeah I think so” mumbled the speaker. The boss made the arrangements and sent those cats to their right place. The next morning both families called and they sound very angry. The boss answered their call and told them to calm down and stay with their cats. The boss gave them an offer and that offer was that he can gave them another white cat or the black cat but the families refused and took the word that they would stay with the cat. One night Henry’s family went out to dinner, so as they start eating and talking they forgot about the cat, when they were finally leaving they noticed that their cat is missing they started running everywhere in the restaurant looking for them. At last when they finally give up and headed out Henry got the sight of black cat sitting with the white cat, he ran towards the cat and grab him suddenly he also saw the white cat sitting beside their family. “oh I’m sorry just came here to take my cat sorry to bother your family time by the way my name is Henry and you got such a cute white cat” “oh it’s ok I think your black cat is cute too” “wait a second, said Henry are you the family who wanted a black cat?” “Yes we wanted a black cat and my name is Harry quite the same name hahaha he laughed if you don’t mind do you want to take my white cat and you give me your black cat because we don’t like white fur” “ok said Henry I don’t like black cats either how about a switch?” so Harry and Henry both took their cats that they once dreamed of and live happily ever after.

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