June 5, 2010
By Anonymous

" how could you" i said to my bestfriend with tears in my eyes.
"it just happened"she said as she tryed to give me a hug.I pulled away before she touched me.
"you call yourself a friend i hate you.You took him away from me.You betrayed me.I told you i fell in love and you did this.Some friend" i remarked in a snotty voice.Then i remebered we were in the hallway.I turned to see no one but him hiself.I ran for the girls bathroom but only after i smacked him very hard across the face. It hurts so bad.Why would anyone do this.I felt so betrayed.

The author's comments:
I recently have a boyfriend who i like alot.We were doing great until i introduced him to my bestfriend all of a sudden they seemed to flirt alot. Everytime i see him hes with her everytime i see her shes with him. so yesterday i asked if he liked her and he said "why does she talk about me?" this made me worry after a while he told me he did like her it hurts really badly and im really sad.

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