Wandering Soul

June 4, 2010
By InkFeather SILVER, Quezon City, Other
InkFeather SILVER, Quezon City, Other
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"Never give up!"

I opened my eyes and wondered where I am. I found myself sitting right under a dead willow tree, wearing nothing but a thin, white clothing. Who am I?

I hugged myself as I slowly felt the cold, foggy winter day. There was no one else around- just me- in the middle of nowhere. I can't figure out why I was here, it was like I was thrown away. Why? My head began to ache as the memories started coming back. I closed my eyes and held on to my head real tight as I saw these images in my head. I don't understand.

I stood up and started walking. I felt the moist soil and the beads of water sitting idly at the tall grass splashing against my feet as I walked through them. It was cold, yet it felt so good. I wandered aimlessly like a person without soul until I heard the sound of gushing water in a river. It breathed in some air and it smelled salty. Strong winds blew across my face, sweeping aside the hair blocking my sight. I walked further and felt sharp rocks piercing my bare feet and little by little, the sound of flowing water grew louder. Where am I?

I stumbled upon a busted blue car in the middle of the rocky river. It was turned upside down and again my head ached as images flashed before my eyes. I remember now- the car, the freezing cold water, the broken bridge up above, the dead body lying lifelessly inside- they were the last pieces of the puzzle.

I am dead.

I was driving one night, drinking while I was driving. It was my only way of escaping. The real world- its scary and tiresome, I wanted to get away from all of it. I wanted to live life carelessly, not having to mind other things. I wanted to go as far as I can and start all over again. There's nothing else to do- my whole life was messed up. My eyes were starting to get tired, I tried to shake it off, but everything just went blurry.

I feel asleep, and I will never wake up. Never.

If this was a dream, I would never want to wake up. Even though I'm alone, I got the thing that I wanted. I am free. I am free from everything. I am now nothing but a ghost, wandering wherever the wind takes me.

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