June 4, 2010
By Kibitzer101 SILVER, Leland, North Carolina
Kibitzer101 SILVER, Leland, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Nothing is always something and something is always nothing."
"Fate is Hate, Love is cruel, but Happiness is everlasting."

Sometimes, I wish
That I couldn't miss.
Who I was,
and who I outght of been.
Today, is only the beginging of where my life will begin agian.

Has it only been a year. Since a miserable explosion bursted around me.
As I found myself ,
Facing the Winds Of Change.

Change is always bound,
To happen.
Never has a soul managed to win a fight,
which they have foughten agianst ,

Its' like cheating death,
Its' impossable.
No Matter how fast you may run,
or how tough you are.
It will always out last.

There are moments in which,
I think back.
As to why,
that I didn't die.
That way maybe,
I would of avoided that

what has been done.
Has only be done,
Forever sealed in its' past.
there is nothing to undo the the choice that,
made me follow though with the change.

I will forever find myself thankful,
That the
Winds Of Change were so,
to take me from a peaceful agony.

To only have me experiance the calming alure of the sea.

The author's comments:
I have experianced many changes over the past year. After I had finished with my EOC I had one of my moments.

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