A New Age Nightmare

June 4, 2010
I stood here in this barren field. The day was like a mirror of my insides. Clouds looming over head, rain pounding through the thin white fabric of my sundress and the field alone and dying. Only miles could hide the burning pain that echoed in my eyes as I looked up at the gloomy sky. Lighting bloomed in those clouds and the thunder made my ears ring.

What ever happened to me?

I remembered my sister. Her beauty inescapable and her malice too. She hated me with more passion than anyone ever knew. The rain pounded at my back, at the still open and bleeding wounds from my sisters whip. Her nails created rows on my back like a corn field. I began to cry.

What happened to me?

The tears were hot in the freezing air of the storm and they worked as a cleaner. Wiping away the grime my sister had pushed into my face like small wipes. Their paths stood out clear and my weak legs gave folding under me like origami.

What happened?

Boom! Boom! Crackle. the sounds of rage burst over my weeping frame like fireworks on a July night. My tears fell a little harder and the pain of rejection grew a little harder to bare. I looked around the field remembering a happy time so long ago.


My memory was spent and I was standing at a storage shed that belonged to my sister's boyfriends father. It held guns.


I'd picked the lock with ease and stepped in away from the frigged rain.

I picked up a handgun.

The silver thing felt heavy in my tired hands.

I lifted it.

Placed it against my temple.

Walked out of the shed.

Back to where I'd collapsed.

Looked at the sky and thought,

What a sad day to die.


The sound of a gun going off was lost in the pounding rain.

What had I ever done to them?

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