A Tale of a Nerd

June 3, 2010
By Anonymous

There was a Nerd she was very nice and knows a lot but she kept to herself. She wore these glasses that you could never forget them. They were very big and round. She was in her early 20’s as it seemed. She wore jeans that looked very normal. She wore a white shirt that looked like a Polo shirt or something like that. She had eyes that were very pretty they were a light brown color. Her hair was dark brown and in pigtails it was long too.
Here begins the Nerds story: Once there was a jock he was the Quarterback of the football team his name was David. He had hair black as the night. It was kept short; his eyes were to die for light blue like the sky. Every girl was all over him. He went out with the head cheerleader her name was Ashley. He had a big reputation and all he thought about was begin popular, so he didn’t go out with Ashley because he liked her just wanted a good reputation. His girlfriend was not the average girl she was popular, every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted to be with her. They seemed very happy together. This could have been because they both wanted the attention. They didn’t hang out with anyone that wasn’t popular. So this included a group of kids that everyone called Nerds and made fun of them. Not because they were nobodies they were defiantly somebody’s they were very intelligent. In between the nerds there was on girl that David made fun of the most. The way he made fun of her was like a third grader in love. Her name was Amy. She was not like all the other nerds, I guess you can say she was cute, but David always messed with her more than all the other girls. One day while David was messing with Amy he says “You’re such a cutie” to her. Not totally realizing what he said. The rumor of him liking Amy the nerd starts. Everyone is going crazy, saying “how can he like her?” Later this all gets to Ashley confused she asks David about it and he says it was a joke. Amy didn’t care she just wanted him to leave her alone. David was the only one that knew the truth deep inside he had a connection with her he didn’t know what it was but it was special. Now David’s reputation was becoming bad! Ashley hears all the rumors and tells David that they should break up. David was not upset and didn’t really care anymore. Amy at the other hand was very mad about all the attention she was getting, just because David sad that she was cute. So Amy decides that she needs to talk to David she goes up to him and says “we have to talk.” She walks away, David looks at his jock friends wanting to be cool he says to them “I’m going to see what this fool.” He walks after her till they reach a corner and she tells him that she doesn’t like him and doesn’t wasn’t all this attention, and not to talk again. She laughs and says not like we ever really, you just made fun of me. David can’t stop thinking about kissing her. He looks at her and kisses her. He can’t stop himself so he just keeps thinking about her. She tries to pull away at first but then stops. She stops pulling away and she kisses him. He stops kissing her and tells her that he lost everything because of her his popularity, my girlfriends, and my friends to but at this moment I can’t stop thinking about you I feel like giving up everything for you. Then he asks her if she thinks he’s crazy. She replies with her saying yes I think that you’re very much crazy. He laughs and kisses her again, she laughs. He grabs her hand and starts walking. She tells him that she will ruin everything to for him. He replies with I don’t care. They keep walking and pass a big group of people the start staring and she turns red as a cherry.

Ladies and gentlemen (the Nerd announced), I have told you a tale with two morals to learn first is not to be so stereotypical there’s love everywhere and it comes in all shapes and sizes. The second is not to make fun of someone you don’t know just to make your friends laugh. So this concludes my story of the nerd and jock who feel in love.

The author's comments:
After reading Canterbury Tales I wrote this story.There are two morals to learn first is not to be so stereotypical there’s love everywhere and it comes in all shapes and sizes. The second is not to make fun of someone you don’t know just to make your friends laugh. This is a original and all apologizes go to Geoffrey Chaucer.

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