"My Tree"

June 3, 2010
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I wander through the forest alone. I chase the wind past the old broken and dead trees. It is growing dark every minute more I run. I feel the sun setting on the horizon. I keep running past the grass and roots, alive and dead. I slowly come to a stop, near a budding green pasture. I scuff my feet on the dirt path I have just created. I am a destroyer, and a creator. I can control my own destiny. I feel powerful, so I continue to run. I keep thinking about you, and how you are breaking my heart. I am sprinting now. Beads of sweat appear on my forehead. I do not notice that a something is running beside me. I squint to see what the thing is. It is a ghost, a ghost of my past. It is me and you, light and dark. My happiness, and my pain. I have felt all these things for you, and yet you never cared about me. I quickly stumble, my brain in You Mode. I trip over a branch, dead. It just lay there, emotionless, and so do I. I pause for a moment before putting my hands behind me to push me upright. I do not know where I am going anymore. I sit, and lay down again, full of pain. Pain I’ve had inside me for years. Music pours around my soul as I lay and listen. It is you. You are singing. To me. You approach me cautiously, and I start to weep silently. You put your cold as ice hand onto my warm one. I realize you are not really there. Because, you are a mirror image of the dead trees. You are no longer alive. You can no longer fill me with comfort, love, or shade when I am tired. You are the tree. You are my tree.

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