Light and Dark

May 31, 2010
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I used to be that type of person; the one that only saw the good in everybody. The naïve, young girl who thought everybody wanted the best for everyone else. The one who thought there was no malice in anybody’s heart, or, at least, there was light under all that dark. The one who believed the light could still glow in the dark. Oh, how wrong I was. They proved me wrong. I did not realize till now that lighted candles at night could easily be snuffed out. They showed me that winds blow harshest within people. The reality is that there are people who literally have no good in them. Whether they are people who flirt with the law or just ordinary citizens, there are people whose candles are snuffed out. Poor people. The worst part of all this is that, I feel as if my candle is being blown out. Am I turning evil? Is that what happens to people who realize the truth? My candle is slowly going out, the wax melting. Cherish the good in people but, please, do not forget that there is malice in this world, not everyone can be good. My candle has been snuffed; there is no light. Goodbye.

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