We'll do this together.

May 29, 2010
By , cave creek, AZ
What can you say? Nothing. Nothing at all. The words never come. You open your mouth, you voice seemed to be lost in the bucket of tears. There is nothing to say to make it better. Haven’t you learned, actions speak louder than words? What would your mother say? Probably nothing, either. Did she disown you when you left her? As you stuffed your possessions in a duffel bag, she did scream, I never want to see you again? Or did you run off in the middle of the night, leaving your mother with your drinking father. Were you beat up for staying out late or making to much noise? Is that why you are silent? You are afraid of getting hurt?
Turn around. Do you see the trees waving hello in the wind? Can you feel in the grass tickling your feet? Look into my eyes. Are you speechless? Is that why you are not talking? Can you scream and yell and laugh? Do you know how much I want to open you eyes? Why can’t you see the world? Have you lived on the wrong side of the street? Can you not see the bright blue sky, when all you see is the blood of you brother? Did he get shot, and you were helpless to save him? Did you run out onto the road full of cars, begging for help?
Don’t. Don’t think of your pass. Try to close your eyes and think of nothing but the blue birds. Can you do it? For me? Smell the air. Does it smell so fresh. It doesn’t smell like grease or smoke. It is clean. Clean as the water. The clear, blue water of the pond. Look how the sun glistens off it. Can you dip your head into the clear water, and your sins will be washed away.
Hold onto my hand. If your scared, squeeze it. I will protect you.
We’ll do this together.

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