A Memory in the Garden

May 29, 2010
By poemqueen95 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
poemqueen95 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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I was staring over the little stream that ran through my peaceful garden. It had been a long winter and the cool, brown dirt felt smooth on my arthritic hands. The birds twittered in the trees as I thought of the past forty years; those had been times full of joy and of sorrow.
‘When I was twenty five I married my wonderful husband Timothy. We both had a passion to teach young children so we taught at the same school for about two years. Then we were blessed with twins. Ah, James and Jon were rambunctious boys, always in trouble no matter where they went. Although I don’t recall every time they got in trouble.
After it had been over a year since I had been to work, I had a very hard time going back. So my husband and I decided since it had been so long that I would stay home and that he would work. It was also then I took up my habit of gardening, I had never liked gardening when I was a girl, but one grows to love it.
It was one year later that we were blessed with a little girl. Hannah was a lot calmer than her brothers, but to her brothers she was something really special. Their attitude changed when they were around her, whenever she cried they would go see what was wrong. They were her protectors; they watched out for her and made sure she was all right. Hannah grew to love all the attention she got from her brothers.
I think when Hannah was about two and the boys almost four we went out to my garden for an hour or two. Hannah was crawling around and the boys were playing. Then suddenly the laughter stops the coos of Hannah are no longer audible. I get up a turn around to see Hannah in the stream. I run over to where the boys were; they had tried to pull her out, but they couldn’t. I reached down and pulled her out, she was soaked. As soon as my husband got home I told him put a fence around the edge of the stream, and on the sides of the bridge. I was so scared when I didn’t hear anything, but everything turned out all right. As the children grew older my husband took down the fences and we had no more accidents. The children loved it in my garden as much as I did; they went out there as much as they could after school and in the summer time.
Several years passed and Hannah started dating. Either James or Jon chaperoned, making sure her date didn’t hurt her in any way. The very last guy she went out with was a keeper. Hannah went on to marry him and the boys made him promise not to hurt her. They even threatened him, but at that point the boys were joking. They had their own problems to worry about. At that point in time Jon was married and James was engaged, both to very nice women. At that time Jon had been married a year and James was getting married the next month. It was also that year my parents passed away. They were old, but we still missed them. The year after that Jon’s wife had a miscarriage. It was hard for her to accept it, but when James’ wife had a little girl, both women were happy. From then on my life was filed with children and grandchildren coming to visit, babies being born, and all the joys of life.’
It seems like a long time ago and to Tim it is, but to me it’s like it happened yesterday. I breathe in the crisp cool air. Suddenly I hear footsteps behind me.
Standing behind me is my husband. He holds my waist and says, “The garden is beautiful isn’t it Tess? The flowers are close to blooming and the vegetables are coming along nicely.”
“Yes they are,” I replied.
“Tessa, the kids are here and they are very excited to see you,” said my husband in his strong bass voice.
“How is everyone?” I asked.
“Well, Jo is as pretty as ever. Little Ryan is just like his father was as a child. The twins are just like their Father and Uncle were. That’s Hannah and her children. Lizzy is running and her parents are having a hard time keeping up. Nora is still walking around on little pudgy legs and I think Noah is like his mother was when she was a child; I would have to ask her parents though. That’s Jon and his kids. Last but not least James and Lexi, they have some news that they are excited to share. Then their kids Matt and Marcus have the bluest eyes I ever saw. Between you and me I think that the other children know James and Lexi news,” Tim replied.
“Well give me one minute and then I will be in,” I said. Tim left me; he knew I always said goodbye to my garden, even if I was just going in the house. “Well garden you heard how the kids are doing. You will most likely see the grandkids playing out here later today. I will have to remind Tim to put up the fences again. Grow well and bring me lots of flowers and vegetables this year.”

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