Breaking Julien, Ch. 2

May 27, 2010
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Chapter 2

'Ugh. Only a few more hours.' I thought to myself on my way to Algebra, which happens to be my least favorite class. When in the future will I have to know what A+B-9 equals? Never. That's when.
When I walked in, I saw Lizzie sitting in her normal seat next to the window. She was looking down, concentrating really hard on whatever she was doing. I took my seat next to her and looked down at the paper in her hands. Oh crap. It was last night's homework which, of course, I had forgotten all about. what was my problem? I never forgot about assignments and tests in Florida. I guess it was just something in the Nebraskan air.
Unlike Mr. Deanda, Coach Bergeson was always on time. I don't think he ever leaves his classroom. He asked for the homework right after the bell rang. Ugh. I passed my paper up. I didn't expect to get a good grade on it, considering how I only had 3 problems done.
The rest of the period went by pretty slow. Coach Bergeson gave another one of his 20 minute speeches on how "he wasn't just there to teach Algebra, but to teach us valuable life lessons as well." He's so weird. I fell asleep about half-way thru the class, anyway.
The bell woke me up. I didn't even bother to get my Fine Arts binder from my locker. I walked down the hall to my next class and plumped into the seat to continue my nap. I slept for more than 2/3 of the class. That is, until Jeremy and his 'posse' started goofing off. They were all laughing at how similar the name Janise and the word p**** are. Of course, the girl named Janise sitting right next to them, didn't find it too amusing. They're d***** b**s.
It was finally time for lunch, my favorite time of the day. It was one of the only classes I had with Ayden. Most of my friends were in that lunch period, it was an all sophmore class. I walked over to our normal table. Lizzie was telling Ayden about her new camera, while Cooper was trying to tell another pointless story. I choose to enter the camera conversation.
"And it captures 24 frames of 720p HD video per second! " Lizzie said with the biggest doofy grin on her face. Her eyes were slightly magnified behind her glasses and her dark blonde curls were pulled in a pony tail. She looked like the classic tree hugger. Which was good I guess, since she was a tree hugger. She hated when I called her that. She said she perferred "environmentally consciuos." She was a vegan, which is way harder than it seems. I was a vegan for all of 46 minutes, but then I got hungry.
I looked at Ayden, who clearly had no idea what she was saying, and laughed. He was nodding his head at everything Lizzie was saying about her camera. Instead of letting Ayden's aimless nodding continue for the next thirty minutes, I decided to change the subject.
"So are you still coming over tomorrow? We should really start on that project for Animal Science."
"Yeah, as long as it's still cool with your Mom." Ayden said, obviously releaved to be out of the camera conversation.
Cooper must have finished telling his story because he turned around to face us. I looked at the group of people behind him, and, as usual, no one was laughing. Poor Coop.
"Hey! Did you guys hear about the new shipment of students at Harlow? It's all over the news." He said.
" 'Shipment?' Cooper, they're people too." Ayden said, shaking his head.
" I know, I know. Sorry." Cooper said.
Ayden had always been a little defensive of the whole "Breakers are lesser" thing. He really didn't like it. I don't blame him, though. I heard his mom was a Breaker but he never talked to me about it. I had never met his mom. He didn't really talk about his family.
" So anyway, I heard there was suppose to be like 300 new students showing up this week." Lizzie said, jumping in so save Coop.
"Really? That's over 150 more than last week...Is there even enough room in that place for all of them?" I asked Ayden. He was the only one that knew anything about Harlow Academy.
"Believe me. There's enough room in that building to fit thousands and thousands of people. It goes underground for about half a mile, maybe more." He said.
"Wow, it looks so quaint on the outside. Who knew?" Lizzie said with a smile.
The rest of my school day was utterly boring and it went by dredfully slow. By the end of seventh period I was so ready to go home and watch Gilmore Girls reruns with Ayden. When I walked out of my class I spotted Ayden talking to Lizzie by our normal round metal table.
"Ready for the walk?" Ayden said with a smile.
"Shut up." I replied, without looking at him.
Lizzie and Ayden just laughed at me. I dreaded these walks or any other strenuous walk for that matter. Ayden gathered his books and we set off on the mile and a half walk to my house.
It was relatively warmer than earlier but that didn't make the walk anymore fun. If the walk itself wasn't bad enough, Jeremy and his Rat Pack was walking behind us now. Awesome.
I could hear everything they were saying about us but I pretended it didn't bother me. I knew it didn't bother Ayden, nothing like that really did. I tried to be the same way and not turn around and snap there heads off.
"Hey, there's only a few more blocks to go," Ayden said as we turned a corner toward Harlow.
I scanned the yard of Harlow Academy as we passed it, looking thru the tall matel fence. Students were scattered all around lawn, some in groups, others alonw just enjoying the sunlight. It was the same students that were always outside. I had never talked to any of them, it was against the rules. The rules appearently didn't stop Jeremy, but then again, he never listens to anyone. He's a dumba**.
"Aren't these freaks supposed to be shipped off?" Jeremy asked Sam Johnston, louder than nessacery. Sam was Jeremy's right hand man and the school's wide reciever. His people skills were just as bad as Jeremy's. The group behind the boys errupted into laughter, and some of the kids on the other side of the fence started to turn around. Jeremy was clearly trying to get one of those Breakers to hop that fence and kick his skinny little a**. He's such a dumba**.
Ayden and I watched as Jeremy and Sam keep yelling at the Breakers on the other side of the fence. The people behind them kept laughing but the Breakers didn't seem to think they were very funny. One boy in particular seemed to be getting very irritated. He had a chizzled build and dark hair. He was turned around, starring at Jeremy.
“Hey man, I don’t think you should do that,” Ayden called back to Jeremy in a calm voice. The tall, dark haired, boy was still turned around but he was looking at Ayden now.
"Oh, really? Well in that case, I will just hurry on home." Jeremy said," Why don't you just mind your own damn business?"
"I'm serious, Jeremy." Ayden said, glancing over to the dark haired boy behind the fence. I could tell Ayden was nervous about something, but he was doing a good job of keeping hims composure.
"Wait, I thought they gave these little f***ers shock collars?" Sam said, making sure everyone with in a two mile radious could hear him." I think you could take any of these little guys."
"Yeah, belive me, Ayden, there's nothing these things could do to hurt me." Jeremy said with a smirk. Most of the people on the other side of the fence had turned around by now.
"That's not what I'm concerned about." I heard Ayden say under his breath, so low I could barely hear it.
The people that were sitting around the dark haired boy on the other side of the fence were making a serious effort to keep him where he was, but they failed and the tall boy walked up to the fence. I looked for the gaurds that were suppose to be watching the kids on the lawn, they were no where to be found. Of course.
When the boy got close enough to touch the fence, I could see he had scars around him neck. He had a bigger build than I thought and he had light hazel eyes that were vibrant in comparison to his dark, black hair. He must have been around 16 or 17. He looked angry, but so did every other Breaker on that side of the fence. Jeremy is a dumba**.
"Can I help you with something?" Jeremy asked the boy, trying to look tough.
"Don't" Ayden said, getting even more tense. It seemed like he was talking more to the dark haired boy rather than Jeremy.
"Yes, I do actually." the boy said, looking looking past Jeremy, to Ayden.
"Okay, well besides the fact that you're a social retard, what might that be?" Jeremy said, turning around to laugh with the rest of the people that were gathered around him
"You." The boy said, followed by the immature 'OHH!!'s that were sure to follow such a thing.
Jeremy chuckled. "Is that right?"
"Yes. So here's how I see it. You have two choices; One, leave while you can still walk. Or two, find out what a 'social retard' can do."
The group was making the 'OHH!!'s again and started pushing Jeremy cloer to the fence. He was starting to look a little nervous, and for a minute there, I thought he was going to pick choice one. I guess I had forgotten that he was a dumba**. Jeremy started to walk closer to the fence, shouting insults at the kid.
"What a pity." The boy said, and Jeremy stopped in his tracks.
Before anyone knew what had happened, Jeremy was on the ground. He was sprawled out on his back, staring blankly up at the sky. The black haired boy on the other side of the fence was focusing on Jeremy. Jeremy didn't move at all.
"Cole! Stop! You're hurting him!" Ayden screamed at the black haired boy and this broke his concentrartion on Jeremy." What were you thinking? How could you be so stupid!"
When people started to realize what had just happened, they began to scatter. Samantha whipped out her cell phone and called the cops, all of the other spectaters had ran off. Samantha was crying hystarically and kept asking me what had happened like she didn't see a thing.
The security gaurds for Harlow had heard the quarrel and came running to the fence and tackled Cole to the ground. Cole went down without a fight. He just kept looking at Ayden. He was willingly going with the gaurds but they were being far too forceful with him. Once they had him on the ground, they tied his hand togehter, then his feet. They were hitting him and I'm pretty sure I saw one of them even pull out their tazer. They called for the rest of the students on the yard to go back into the school.
Jeremy was rolling around, dazed. He tried standing up a few times, but he kept collasping back to the ground in agony. Ayden kneeled down beside him, trying to help him, but everytime Ayden touched him he cried out in pain. It was sickening to watch.
The next thing I knew, there were red and blue lights. Great. The cops were here now. I was having a hard time processing everything that had just happened. I just took a seat on the curb, waiting for my turn to be questioned by the cops.

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