Chipotle Friday

May 24, 2010
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So, I was sitting in dance class with that feeling like I’m about to get sick because I was so hungry. We were watching some ballet movie that had half the class asleep and the other half wearing out their cell phone batteries checking the time every three minutes. Finally, after my stomach made it clear to the class that it was empty, the bell rang and I rushed out of the heavy doors up to the landing which is where my friends and I meet to go to lunch. Friday is the day we go to Chipotle! Unfortunately, Chipotle is so far away that most upperclassmen wouldn’t dare risk our mere thirty minute lunch break to race there and get back to class on time. Luckily, my friends take advantage of shortcuts. Caleb is usually our driver, who happens to own the biggest car in the parking lot. Dubbed, “The Beast”, this thing holds about fifteen people. Someone like me who only stands five feet off the ground definitely can’t reach the pedals; I prefer to sit in the very back so that I have to yell for the driver to hear me. Much to Caleb’s appreciation, I’m an excellent backseat driver. We all put poor Caleb under a lot of pressure to park quickly because when we get there so we can order and make it back on time for class. My order is quick and easy: chips, guacamole and a free drink with my school ID. Caleb, Danielle, Matt and Connor went the difficult route and got the monstrous burritos and drinks. So, I impatiently wait. Caleb moves so fast he usually forgets things; he left his wallet and credit card sitting on the counter. I scooped it up on the way out and put it in my back pocket. About five minutes down the road I shouted to Caleb, “Hey you grabbed your wallet off the counter right?!” and tried to keep a straight face as I watched the color quickly drain from his cheeks in the rearview mirror. After a few seconds of panicked silence I started to feel bad because I could see he was horrified, so I passed his wallet up to him. He must have thanked me for five minutes, then he went back to driver made, safely speeding past the three cops and the old guy in the Buick. By the time we turned into the school parking lot, the boys were crumpling up their burrito wrappings. How and where they stuff those huge things is a mystery to me! Chips, $1.95, Guacamole, $.50, 30 minute Chipotle Friday, Priceless.

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