Sun's Eyes

May 24, 2010
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When the gods created the kingdom for the King, the kingdom was happy and the Sun was always in the sky. One day the King requested that the Sun the gods had created have eyes so that the Sun may see how happy his light made everyone within the kingdom.
The gods granted him his request. And the Sun had eyes.

But when the Sun has eyes, those eyes, like everyone else’s, must close and droop to sleep and rest so that they can remain open again for another day.
This caused the nights.

Whenever the Sun closed its new eyes the flame sparking around its body dimmed and dimmed, until nothing was left except for the Sun’s skeleton.
This was called the Moon.

The King was happy for night for it was easier to rest in the cool darkness rather than the heated light. Everybody slept when the sun slept.
The kingdom rejoiced.

Then the king grew tired of such cool temperatures during the day and asked the Sun to open its eyes wider and longer, so to blaze hotter, warmer.
Thus summer was born.

The King soon became frustrated with the scalding heat and the Sun grew tired. So the King suggested that the Sun take short breaks and rest its eyes.
Thus autumn was born.

But with the rest the Sun received, more was wanted and needed. So the Sun decided to sleep for a month or two and save its energy for the summer the King surely would request for again.
Thus winter was born.

This cycle continued for years and years. The kingdom rejoiced for the new found seasons. The King remained pleased. And the seasons obliged to thrive.

But one season wanted more. One season despised the sun and all its glory. Thriving and relishing in the cold was his plight. So Winter spoke to the Sun one night as it was the moon. Winter spoke of years of darkness and freeze, years of snow and ice. The Sun grew frightened with this nightmare and went to open its eyes for an early rise but couldn’t. While Winter had spoken to the Sun at night, the frost in his breath had crusted the Sun’s eyes shut.

The Sun panicked and tried and tried to open its eyes. The kingdom as well became frightened and the King worried. If the Sun couldn’t open its eyes, the kingdom would soon die.

The gods were greatly disappointed with Winter… but Winter was a bargaining sort and asked the gods to grant him four months within the year instead of two to thrive within the kingdom in exchange for the return of the Sun’s eyes.
The gods agreed.

So Winter went back to the Sun and removed the frost. The Sun, grateful for the use of its eyes, flung its eyes open and Winter melted immediately under the sudden blaze and heat. The gods then informed the Sun and the King about their agreement with Winter.

So the next thousands of years past without another incident of endless night and winter. But it always remained in the back of the Sun’s and everyone’s minds, especially when Winter came around for those four months. Everyone was frightened that the Sun might fall asleep and never wake; the memory of that time a splinter in the brain.
But nevermore.
The agreement stood.

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