My Dream

May 24, 2010
The bright sunlight blinds me when I open my eyes. I look over to my clock and see that its noon on the dot. I had to be at my set at 2. I rolled slowly out of my bed and got in the shower so the hair dresser didn’t have to wash it. I step into the steam and close my eyes and just sit down. I remember when it was the 4th of July and I was playing in my sandbox with my nanny. My parents were barely home so my nanny was my best friend and practically my mom. My dad was and still is always in some foreign country. During my childhood he was only home once and that was for my 16th birthday. He was only there for about an hour though. He gave me my present on then left.

I turn the shower off; I have had enough reminiscing for today. I look for my towel and then dry myself off and walk into my closet. There’s a section for everything: heals, flats, sweats, dresses shirts, pants, and then bathing suits. I go to my sweats section and pull out my Adidas sweat suit. I grab my purse and keys and walk out the door. Right ahead I can see my bright red Bugatti. I stop and just look at it and think how did I get to this point? Well my mom use to be a big movie star and my dad owns his own car dealership all over the world. My grandparents were also very wealthy, so they gave my mom everything she wanted, and that’s how she got her acting career from. My mom wanted me to follow in her footsteps. Everybody fell in love with me when I always went to the Oscars with my mom. They always said to me oh you look so much like your mom.

I get to the set and it’s all ready for me to get started. I’m kind of late because I sat in my car thinking about my parents. The hair dresser and make up artist are yelling at me and asking me why I was so late. I just tell them that I woke up late and of course they believe me because I usually always late to set. I deal with the hair dresser first. She has a bad case of the jabber mouth, she never shuts up. She always talks about her kids, her husband, even her pets. All I do is just sit there and try and tune her out, I occasionally reply with something short. Then she starts to pry open the real reason why I was late. I don’t want to tell her. What is she going to do to fix my parents ignoring me as a child? It wasn’t her fault that they did that; they just never had the time. I just tell her again that I woke up late.
“Sophie, I know that isn’t the real reason why you were late. If it’s about your mom you can tell, me and your mom were very close,” she said.
“Okay, fine, yes it’s about my parents. They never did anything with me; all they ever did was take me to awards ceremonies. Yes, I’m thankful for that but they never did anything real with me. Like take me to the park, or watch fireworks, nothing,” I replied.
“Sophie dear, your parents tried, they really did. They just couldn’t do anything with the schedule that they had.”
“I know, I know, but they could have at least called in sick or something for at least two days and done something with me.”
“Now you know they couldn’t do that, your mother’s manager wouldn’t allow it and your father couldn’t afford that.”

She has a point. Maybe they wanted to and tried really hard but couldn’t do anything about it. I just wish I was like a normal girl who had parents that were there for them whenever they needed them...

The bright sun blinds my eyes as I open them. I have to be at school at 7:30 and it’s already 6. Surprisingly there wasn’t a line for the bathroom. I took a quick shower so I would have enough time to blow dry my hair. I get dressed, blow dry my hair and just barely make it to the bus stop in enough time. My foster mom and dad are yelling at me to have a good day. They are always in my business about everything. My dream is only a dream. I will never have an amazing car or be an amazing actress. I will never know who my real parents are. I just want to go back to sleep and live in my dream forever.

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