Everlasting Night

May 24, 2010
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I’ve been having these weird dreams lately… the only thing is it feels like they’ll go on forever. Well my name is Sapphire Montgomery, I suppose I’m not the type of girl you’d expect a fourteen year old girl to be. Normally girls my age, say a guy walked past they would start giggling and stalk him. I’m not like that I would rather hang around with my best friend Taylor Stone; he saved my life once and he is drop dead gorgeous now don’t get me wrong his soft, chocolaty velvet smooth voice could make even an angel look plain and unappealing. My other friend Darina Phillips we have been friends for a while but Taylor will always be my best friend. It all started when my mum Carol got a new boyfriend, just another man to break her heart again life has never been the same after dad left. Mum has never been able to hold a stable relationship since.

I got home from school and found mum and Dave (her boyfriend) sitting in the living room and looking at me. “Saph, honey, we need to tell you something…”.
“What’s up mum?” I replied dreading the inevitable reply which was they were getting married.
“Saph, We’re getting married!”
“Oh” Was my sullen and depressed reply.
Then the phone rang, it was Taylor: “Hey! Saph, you want to sleep mine tonight?”.
“Hold on Tay I need to ask. Mum can I go to Taylor’s?”.
“Of course honey”.
“Thanks mum, Yeah Tay do you want to come round mine for a bit first and help me choose a film and a bikini?”.
“Ok Saph be there in 10. Bye”.
“Bye Tay”.

I was just finishing my homework when mum shouted up “Saph! Taylor’s here!”.
“Okay mum! Will you send him up please” as soon as I had finished the sentence Taylor was opening my door.
“So which film do you want to watch Tay?”.
“Well… ooh! I want that one” he almost squealed with excitement! “Ok then Tay, now I need a bikini!”
“Wear the black one with Pon and Zi!”.
“Okay Tay I love that one!” so then we started walking down to Taylor’s after I packed my stuff and was ready to go.

We started walking down when we suddenly saw a little dog wandering the street and Taylor said “Awww Saph look at that poor dog”. “Come here little fella, I cooed to the dog as it saw us and heard us it drew closer wary of danger and then when it came to us I realised it was a breed of dog called an Alopekis. I did some research on some breeds of dog and this is my favourite breed. “Awww Tay would your mum let you keep him?”. “I don’t know Saph my mum has been pretty strict lately but I’ll ask her, what should we call him Saph?” “Let’s call him Ben, Come on Ben!” we shouted Ben and the little dog followed us back to Taylor’s house.

“Please mum” begged Taylor His mother looked at him with quizzical eyes “Taylor. We have gone 13 years without a dog so why now?” He looks solemnly at her “Mum I thought it was because you had allergies” She replies her tone of voice soft “Darling all that time I just thought that you were boring” I could feel a giggle coming and I had to hold it back so me and Taylor ran up to his room. I was just setting down my stuff in Taylor’s room when the thought just suddenly popped up in my head “Taylor can you remember that day you saved me?”. “Yeah” he sighed “you had a lucky escape, if I hadn’t have gone past when I did or nobody else would have seen you because you would have…” he suddenly stopped right as he was going to say it “Taylor” I cooed “It’s ok I don’t mind talking about it” I thought I saw a tear in his eye “but I do though Saph, because… I I love you and I never would have got the chance to say that if...” I stopped him mid sentence by putting my finger on his soft, tender lips and whispered right into his ear “I love you too” and after I said that to him he pulled me in and hugged me so lovingly that I never wanted to let go, after a few seconds I nuzzled my face into his chest and I could smell an amazingly wonderful smell. He tilted my chin up to his and we kissed, it was like pure ecstasy. When we pulled apart I felt dizzy and content like all my life I’ve had a hole in my heart and now I suddenly felt whole: his lips were soft and moist I wanted to stay here forever.

That night me and Taylor got our swimming stuff on and got in the hot tub, Taylor was already in there waiting for me. After I was in and I started to relax I suddenly felt the whole world around me starting to fade. I could smell a vague aroma of lavender and I could see an image of something terrible, monstrous even. It had its mouth on a girl’s neck as I concentrated; I saw that girl was me. As the monster looked up I realised that it was Taylor. He had eyes red as the blood in my veins and fangs sharper than needles. When I looked at my neck where his mouth had been, I saw two puncture marks and two streams of blood running down my neck. Panic rose above any other emotions I had experienced. That panic was so intense that I was so close to fainting, I went dizzy and then everything went blank. When I woke I could feel my self being carried, I felt cold and as my senses slowly began to return. I realised that Taylor was carrying me. He lay me down and sat on the bed. I could hear him muttering “why why why? I shouldn’t have taken so much blood now she’s going to die” I could hear his muffled sobs and as I opened my eyes I could see his whole body heaving with grief for me his “beloved girl”. “Taylor?” as I looked again I could see his eyes filled with wonder and awe “What happened?”

He seemed reluctant to tell me and eventually he started to tell me. Turns out he was walking down the street after football practice and it was dark, suddenly he felt a sharp stabbing pain in his neck and the next time he woke he was in the forest and his senses were so acute that It hurt him. His thirst was so intense that he had to feed or he would have died. So as a rabbit ran past his instincts took over, he ran so fast he caught it in the blink of an eye, soon the bloodlust took over and he blacked out. When he woke up he was in his room with blood all over his clothes and around his mouth. That is how he knew he was a vampire. “Taylor” I sighed “Why didn’t you tell me? You know I wouldn’t have told anyone!” “Saph, it wasn’t that I was worried about I thought that if I told you then you would have felt disgusted and you would have never spoken to me again” I sighed again “you’re my best friend how could I never speak to you again? And by the way you Taylor you’re drop dead gorgeous so even if I wanted to stay away, it would be like keeping Romeo and Juliet apart, no matter what happens. They will always find a way to be together”. “Sapphire… I may not have shown it before, but I love you and I know we’re meant to be together, we’re soulmates” “Taylor, you know I feel the same way, and I know as well that we are meant for each other, and to prove it… I want you to turn me in to a vampire.” “WH what?! Sapphire no way am i going to turn you ever, I want you to live your life and not to be cursed like me”. “Taylor I don’t care, and I could always make you, if I cut myself you won’t be able to resist it and you know that.” “Saph… okay I’ll do it as long as you promise me that you will never ever leave me” “Taylor, I promise I will stay with you forever.

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Saraaahhhh said...
Jun. 18, 2010 at 4:24 am
this story is amaazingg!!! it's one of the best stories i have read tis awesome will you write moreee???
Sarawr_hugs_n_kisses replied...
Oct. 8, 2010 at 8:21 am

Yeah i will try :)


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