Tribute to Who?

May 23, 2010
By , mesa, AZ
“Caw caw” sounded the crow up on a branchy, dry perch. The sky was clear and the stars were resounding. Lit by the moonlight was the makings of a rackety building of wood and brick. Not a soul inside was present save one, illuminated by candle light, visible from the snow covered street through a wide closed pane window.

“Comforted diabolical creature!” the man said aloud. “What good is such a bird to go wandering around aimlessly only to find its way to my doorway to disturb me with its cries. None I say, none!” he dipped his pen to refresh his ink and continued to feverishly write about documents and various calculations. A wind howled outside, rattling the front door violently. The man continued undisturbed. Suddenly there was a deafening clash and the sound of glass shattering echoed from the next room. The man cringed. The vague whisper of a boy cursing was heard. “Useless, good for nothing, pathetic, miserable jerk!” he shouted. A boy came from the other room crying and apologizing profusely. The man scowled. “Go home before you break something else! I’m deducting anything you broke from your pay.” The boy left sulking. “More money gone.” The man said once again speaking to himself. “I’ll have to recount and make adjustments. He continued to write. The house was creaking from the termite-eaten wood, the wind leaked in through the hole in the window pane, and the door continued to rattle barely restricting the gales from entering. The entire building seemed to howl of age and overuse, but the man was undisturbed, only concerned with the counting of his own money.

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