The Perfect Day

May 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Warmth surrounds my feet as I step into the warm colorless sand. The sand rushes in between my toes like mud and burns as it tingles my feet. Looking forward all I see is a long stretch of sand and I suddenly feel like I am in a desert. The bright glowing sun beats down warming my skin and I continue to walk feeling broken shells poke at the bottoms of my feet. The heavy beach chair tugs at my burnt shoulder and I want to reach our destination quickly.
Arriving at the perfect spot, I finally put down my chair and it slowly sinks into the sand. We spread out the blanket as it whistles through the air like a kite before slowly settling to the soft ground. I stretch out my colorful towel and lay on it. I feel very relaxed while I hear the crashing of the waves against the sand in the distance. Looking up to the cloudless sky above me, I shade my eyes against the sun. I hear seagulls and see them swarm through the air like vultures looking for food.
My body begins to sweat so I decide to head for the water. Walking toward the ocean, I notice many campsite-looking spots of different families, each one unlike the other. I see children playing in the sand building their own creations out of the grainy mixture of water and mud. Nearing the water, the ground beneath my feet begins to harden and I do not feel as though I am walking on sand. I glance behind me to see indentations of my foot in the hard surface. As the water nears my toes it rushes over my feet and I suddenly get goose bumps. I stand there looking out into the glistening water. My feet begin to sink further into the mud like sand as little clams tickle my feet. I continue further out into the deep water and feel something brush against my leg. Hoping it is not a jellyfish, I look through the glass like water only to see a piece of slimy green algae.
Refreshed by the cool water, I start the journey back through the sand. The dry sand clings to my wet feet. My dry towel scratches against my burnt face as I dry off. I sit in my brightly striped beach chair and watch my surroundings. Happiness fills the air as the perfect day comes to a close. The sun begins to lower over the horizon painting the sky like a mural. The evening breeze glides through my hair as I hear the faint sound of the waves crashing against the sand.

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