Red Moonlight: Proulog

May 23, 2010
By , greeley, CO
“What was it that brought me here? Was it love, fear, or was it just for the adventure? No, it was not for the adventure it was for family, love, and those that took this away from me. I wanted revenge I wanted to see these monsters gone, But that would be hard especially when…,” I was cut off in mid thought as I saw the looming shadow come closer and closer. “Run!” Yelled a small voice in my head I turned and ran as fast as I could toward a large weeping willow. “Smack” I hit the tree with such force that my right arm started to ache then I stared to climb. I stopped about ten feet off the ground holding my breath as the vampire that had been pursuing me looked around the tree. Then she left and I climbed higher as I reached for the next branch my foot slipped. I fell through a shaft of red moonlight, I was falling straight toward death.

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