Animal Spirits; Destny and the White Wolf

May 21, 2010
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"Okay, tell me again." Drew said. We were at the Flagstaff Public Library, where we always were after school. We weren't reading books today, not with something so important. "A few minutes after I went to sleep, I was drawn into a void of colors and light. All of a sudden, I woke up, but I was still dreaming. I was on a cliff, to my right was a forest, and to my left was the actual cliff. I got up and went to the edge, seeing a beach below. I started to head for the forest, when I heard someone say, 'Destiny'
"It was a soft, soothing voice, that sounded familiar, I kidd you not! And I know, it's not my name, but I had a feeling she, the voice was female, meant me. So I went down the ledge that led to the beach and listened again. She said, 'Destiny, child, follow my voice.' It was coming from my left, so I went left . . ." "Hold on!" said Drew, "Whoever 'she' is can call you 'child', but you won't even let your parents call you that!?" I rolled my eyes. Drew just loves to pester. "Yes, now can I get back to my dream?" He just shook his head in disbelief.
"So anyway, I was following her voice along the shore. I came to some rocks on the shore that were as smashed together as skyscrapers after an earthquake. As soon as I reached the rocks, I finally saw her. Sitting at the edge of a . . . a . . ., a butte, that's what it's called, she was a white, she-wolf, gleaming in the sunlight like crystal . . ." "What?! That is what you followed?! And how could the voice b . . ." Then Drew gets a look of realization on his face. "Wait, I know. You're remembering your mom in the hospital bed. And here I thought this would lead to something bigger." Drew's other favorite hobby was to be realistic. Anno-ying! "Drew, you might have been right if it weren't for three things. One, if I was remembering my mom, I would have seen an angel, not a wolf. Two, if it was her voice, then, that means she's named me, and I wouldn't be Noel, would I? And three, there can't be a conclusion yet, 'cause I wasn't finished! Now, back to the dream!
"She turned her gaze to me and said, before you ask, her mouth did move, 'Destiny, dear, come watch with me the Bering Sea' That's when I realized I was in Alaska..." "Wait," said Drew, "I thought you popped up off at an orphanage in Arizona. And weren't you just 8 days old? the only way that's possible is by..." "Magic," I say, "Spirit magic. Now, before you argue, let me finish so you'll understand.
"So, I went on the butte, sat down next to her, and said, 'You're a totem spirit, aren't you?' she smiled and said, 'At least you also remember that, along with your name, Destiny. And I can see you have questions.' I nodded. 'Why are we in Alaska? Why do you keep calling me 'Destiny'? Who exactly are you? And... ' I gulped, 'Do you have something to do with my birth parents?' She got up, howled, and caught a necklace that fell from the sky. She leaned over and put it around my neck. It was a wolf totem! Then she said, "Your father would have lived here with your mother if you weren't already born. Destiny Scott is indeed your real name. My name is Aniu, and your father was one with the creatures I guard and guide, wolf and dog alike. And now, my dear, it is your turn.' Then I fell forward in the water, but it turned into a void. I heard Aniu's voice saying, 'Return to your homeland with the one of new. You are my mask to humans. Find your brothers and sisters.. You must bring them home!' And then I woke up with this on my neck." I pointed to the wolf totem. "And there was also a birth certificate on my dresser. Look!" I reached down to my backpack and pulled it out, then handed it to him. "See? Baby: Girl, Destiny Jane Scott, Born: February 16, 1996, Parents: Margret Scott, Wenden Scott. that's your..." "What did she mean by 'Find you brothers and sisters'? Is she talking about Scott family members, or are there others who help the totem spirits?" I was shocked. He actually believed this! But, as usually, I got over it quickly. "Probably the totem spirit option", I said, "Doesn't matter now. What matters is that we need to get ready to leave at midnight tonight." Drew looked at me in surprise. "Who said I was going?" "Aniu did. Remember? 'Return to your homeland with the one of new.' you're the only new kid, in a new school, in a new town, in a new house, the list goes on and on." He sighed. "Alright. We'll bring fifty dollars each, two different outfits, water bottles, and food. We'll meet at the train station." Great!"
1 o'clock, am. "St. George, Utah, here we come!" The train finally crossed the city-limits. Good-bye Flagstaff, Arizona. Good-bye Julia and Chris James. Good-bye, Noel James. From today on, I'm Destiny Scott, the wolf totem child! Actually, that's really what I am. Apparently, a tribe in Alaska believes totem spirits use humans to speak for their cause. This is another research analysis brought to you by Drew Zanlic. "What else did you get online?" "That the only way to get to Fairbanks, Alaska, is by two planes, at least, not including five airfields. And we're going to have to find the second totem kid in St. George." Well, that was fast. "What's the name?" Drew chuckled. "Believe it or not, it's your old friend Jason McDaley!" What!?! Then I asked, "Did I say that out loud." I saw his look. "Never mind. why do you think he's a totem child?" "Spent so much time at the zoo, he got banned. Then disappeared." If I knew this before, I would have thought That's Jason for you! But now the incident is suspicious to me, too. Jason and I were frienimies before the orphanage sent him to Utah, back when I was seven. One minute we hated each other, then the next we were like brother and sister. and because of that, I know he has a thing for bears. "Anything happen around the bear exhibit?" " That's the only place anything did happen. He's even ridden on them!" Yup, he's my "brother". I wonder if he remembers me. "And guess what?" said Drew, "I have his cell phone number." I pulled out my phone. "What's the number?" After I dialed them, I listened and waited. "Hello?" Jason's voice got deeper. "Are you still in St. George?" Drew gives me the "You've got to be kidding me!" look. "Noel Jackson? How did... I don't care. Can you get me out?" "That's my plan. And, by the way, my birth name is Destiny Scott. But it will take a while, and we're going to Alaska." "I was thinking Wisconsin, but anywhere's good. By the way, have you met with any... spiritual animals?" "Actually, I've met with one last night. It's the reason I left, and the reason I'm going to Alaska, both of us." A pause. "Oh, good. I thought I was going crazy!" I laugh.

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