Bad Luck

May 28, 2010
By tighearnan BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
tighearnan BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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I got up extra early, put my clothes on. Then I went down stairs I slipped and fell and broke a mirror thats when my bad luck started. I picked up the glass and threw it away. I sat down to eat my breakfast. My favorite cereal was empty my bowl that I always used my brother had so I had cereal I didn't like, then I split it all over my shirt that loved and it had a huge brownish stain write in the middle of it. So I had to change it.

On the bus ride to school I realized that I forgot my backpack at home. Then the next bus stop I got off and sprinted as fast as I could then I tripped on a black cat. Oh great more bad luck. Then I limped home and got my backpack and I forgot to do my homework. My mom had to drive me to school. Then she got a flat tire. I had to walk to school I didn't have a note excusing my tardinesses then I ended up telling the story to the office people and they thought I was lying. I had to sit at the reserved table. Because I was late. I forgot my id card so I had to sit at the reserved table again the next day.

I bet you can think what happened at the lunch table I split my milk all over my shirt and had to go to the office to call my mom to drop some clothes off. So I can have dry clothes to wear.

My mom came late because she had to use my dad car then she dropped off the clothes and they where my little brothers clothes so she had to go back and I got the clothes but I was also late to class but I had a note. That was about the only thing that went right was that I had that note. The next day every thing was perfect as usual. But I guess mirrors only give you a day of bad luck. Well I got the assignment urn in and the shirt got clean and the tire was fixed

The End

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