May 26, 2010
By Sarah Terlizzi BRONZE, Gap, Pennsylvania
Sarah Terlizzi BRONZE, Gap, Pennsylvania
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Flying in Space

I feel like I am flying. The wind is pushing past me as I continue to go higher. The excitement of seeing how far I can reach overwhelms me. Swinging is always my favorite part of any park.

The swings sit by themselves, calling me over. I cannot resist and I quickly run over to them, hoping no one will beat me to getting one. As I sit down I grab the cold metal chains that holds the swing together and then I push off.

Underneath my feet lies a path of wood chips which has been pushed aside by previous riders. As I look up I see the perfectly blue sky like the Caribbean Sea all around me. I slowly inch closer to this sea with every movement. All around me are brightly colored flowers with butterflies and bees swarming around them. I can almost reach the tall trees in front of me, which are begging to be climbed. It is always a goal to see how many leaves I can pick off these trees. Obviously I am not the only one with this goal because all the lower lying leaves have little pieces ripped off of them. Next to me is a family enjoying a barbeque dinner, and the smell from their grill spreads all around. This smell always reminds me of how much I love the summertime.

Soon I focus back on the speed of which I am flying back and forth. The wind pushes my hair all around and messes it up. Except I do not care because I am flying through the air and nothing can ruin this. “Be careful!” I can hear my mom telling me not to go as high, but I cannot stop the excitement. In my head, I imagine a swing that can go so high that it reaches all the way into space. Sadly I come back to reality when my mom calls me telling me it is time to go.

I slow the swing down, choosing to enjoy every last second I have on it. Finally, my feet touch the ground back to the path of wood chips. I reluctantly leave the swing and follow my mom back to the car. The ride home feels longer than usual as I think about all the fun I could be having if I was back at the park.

Now many years later, as I pass that same park, I can remember all the good times I had on those swings. Every now and then I go back to them and experience the excitement all over again. The only difference is I do not feel like I am flying so high anymore, but this does not mean that I do not have a great time imagining I am up in space.

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