What if The mirror mirror on the way didn't know the fairest of them all?

May 25, 2010
By Justcause92 SILVER, North Tonawanda, New York
Justcause92 SILVER, North Tonawanda, New York
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Oh lord. All these people just staring at me with there evil glares. It's not like I can actually help. Every single one has problems. I'm Sorry. Oh look here comes another one. Look at her posture it's horrid! and her hair all matted. Come on. Oh man shes coming over here. Ok ok.. Just act normal. "Mirror! mirror! on the wall tell me i'm the fairest of them all!?" The Witch said. Why soes sge gotta ask me that! I don't Know what to say to her Shes just looking at me... "MIRROR!" She said. "Why madam I don't know who the fairest of them all is." I really don;t know why people can speak there so annoying. "Oh Mirror! I know it's me!" She would interupt my thoughts.. " You see I am the mirror and I say you can't be!" OUCHH! Wgar was sge thinking! She threw her show at me! That hurts! "MIRROR! YOUR WORTHLESS!" SGe said. oh no! whats that? a hammer! NO NO! "My lady, I must tell you. I don't know who the fairest of them all is. All i'm here for is to be a talking face in a mirror." I hope she doesn't use that. ouch ouch ouch. Hammer on me.. I can't see! "OUT! OUT! you go to the garbage you worthless piece of junk!"

The author's comments:
i wrote about the childrens story if the mirror hadn't said who the fairest of them all is

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