All from a Halloween Decoration

May 25, 2010
By Vaelyn BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
Vaelyn BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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A family that lived inside a shipwrecked ocean-liner (one that was smaller than the Titanic) decided to decorate the banquet hall for a possible Halloween party and supper. The two children went out to get the decorations, but when they came back they only had a single package that would only cover a single table. The younger one said that the package just begged to be bought and given a home because it was the only Halloween decoration on the shelf and it was the only one the store had in stock.

So the two children opened the package and placed the tablecloth, plates, and cups on the serving table. The cups and plates were a match to the tablecloth; the same reddish-orange color, the same single yellow square with a man’s face in it. The man’s face showed that he was more than likely from a different era. His face was dark and wrinkled, but his eyes were filled with centuries of life--- and rage.

When the tablecloth was out of its package and was laid out on the serving table, the room began to hum. As the plates were being set up the room began to moan. Finally, when the table was completely decorated, the two children noticed that the plates and cups formed a pair of wings on either side of the face on the cloth (that was in the center of the table); also the moaning had grown louder and had formed the sound of hundreds of people chanting.
“The people who died in the shipwreck!” The younger child shrieked; he had always been afraid of the ‘haunting’ dead from the boat they lived in. None of his family believed him…but now his older brother did.

The room grew cold, a blast of wind blew from the sealed windows behind the serving table, and the candles on all the tables in the banquet hall and the chandelier went out. A fog crept across the floor with flashes of orange light shifting through it from time to time.

The chanting grew soft, but the rise and fall of indiscernible words was still distinguishable. The two boys looked toward the serving table; the fog was rolling out of the cups and the plates sparked orange light now and then.

At that instant, from the face on the tablecloth, a bat-like clawed hand came out of the table and yellow square, followed by another. The plates and cups melted and faded into the tablecloth till it was nothing but a brown molten mess covering the entire surface of the table, though the fog still rolled of it. A mass with no real shape followed the clawed hands and the top of the table started to flex and shiver as the mass moved and squirmed its entirety out of the yellow square. The mass then morphed and molded itself into the form of some creature that most definitely wasn’t human.

The table flexed, connecting itself to the body of the creature it flexed even more, become thinner, the tablecloth fading then disappearing from view within the creature’s body as if it was a source of energy. The table had become the creature’s wings---long, thin, leathery, and powerful wings.

A demon.

A demon who’s face was the same to the face that had been inside the yellow square not three minutes ago. The demon stared at the two boys,
“You have released me,” it said, smiling at them which made them frozen in terror.

The razor teeth that were abnormally straight and oddly tinted a color unknown, the force that shook the entire ocean-liner, the eyes that looked like a flame flickered and roared inside his very body, the tail that twitched with malice, and the claws and wings that stretched and flexed with anticipation.
“Now serve me.” The demon commanded.

The boys were only able to say a single sentence each before their souls disintegrated within their bodies and they became a lifeless form forced to serve and obey a demon back from Hell itself.

The younger boy whispered with wide eyes of fear, “The next apocalypse,”

The older one said with confusion and growing fear, “All from a Halloween decoration.”

The author's comments:
It was part of a dream i had last night.

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