George and Simon

May 25, 2010
By Nerissa Bermudez BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
Nerissa Bermudez BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
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One day George Lopez decided he wanted to be an American Idol, so George went to the auditions for American Idol in Florida. When he was in the audition room, he was glad to see Simon Cowell. He was so nervous and happy to sing in front of Simon that he was running around the room telling jokes.


“Yes, I am after I tell this joke,” George replied.

“Well, I don’t like jokes,” Simon cried angrily.

“Well, I’m going to tell one whether you like it or not.” George snapped

“This is for you Simon,” George stated, “yo mama is so ugly she walked into a haunted house and came out with an application,” The famous Mexican teased.
Simon was so angry that he started to turn red, “THAT IS NOT NICE; YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW MY MOM!” Snapped the British superstar.

“Well, I thought your mom was just as rude as you.” George spoke with crude.

“YOU THOUGHT WRONG,” Simon shouted seriously.

“Yo mamma's so old, she farts dust.” The joker added.

“Are you going to sing or this whole thing a joke?” Simon replied hatefully.

“It’s not a joke I will sing for real this time,” George swore.
George started singing,“Oops I Did It Again,” by Britney Spears.

Simon interrupted laughing, “Is this a joke?”
George just kept on singing the song.

When he was done, Simon preached, “Singing is not for you, you should stick to comedy.”

George asked stupidly, “Why?”

Simon stammered, “Because that was horrible, you can’t sing.”
George was crying.

George moaned, “Ok, well thanks for your time.”

Simon demanded, “ Don’t come back next year.”

George begged nervously, “Well, I really want to be the next American Idol.”

Simon giggled, “ Well, in your dreams you will.”
George kept on begging and begging then the next thing you know the security guards threw him out.

George complained, “ AYE, that really hurt man!”
When George came out of the place that was holding the auditions, he took Simon’s advice and told comedy to people that were walking on sidewalks and streets.

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