The Walk

May 14, 2010
By KeybladeMasterVentus SILVER, Summerfield, North Carolina
KeybladeMasterVentus SILVER, Summerfield, North Carolina
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I remember the walk; the walk of little importance to the common man; the walk that swirled the ocean of thoughts in my displacent mind, and- if I may be so greatful to even marvel at Mother Nature- a walk of enlightenment.

It wasn't too long ago that I meandered the school grounds in the company of likewise dreamers and thinkers, and observed the boundary that separated man's creation from that of Divinity's. My eyes were bewildered and jovial to have lain their vision on something so graceful and elusive, more meaningful than that of society. I saw the trees shifting slowly in the calm breeze, simmering contently in the spring heat; buzzards soaring overhead, surveying the land with their keen and watchful eyes, waiting for the appropriate time to swoop down and claim their next meal of rotten carcass; monarch butterflies roaming about the landscape, returning to the bush they knew of a summer of late; the finches and cardinals that danced and soared in the sky to rejoice the birth of their hatchlings.

And as I gazed upon such a wondrous realm of beauty, I could only realize how foolish man is, how foolish I am, to have reliquinshed Her Majesty from his sovereignty, how he has sauntered away from a more precious gift of Nature he could have ever fathomed.

But just as my enlightenment and much more came into its most fullest mood, into such a rapid fruition, it escaped me just as swiftly as it had come; I was dragged back into his hands and away from Hers, away from the paradise I longed to find reclusion in. My walk had ended. Its path could have been further- rather, should have been- but it's not my place to allot time. Maybe, just maybe, in that one moment of silence and stillness, in that state of clear mind, I experienced what it was like to be united with Nature.

The author's comments:
These are merely thoughts that streamed from my haad when I went on a walk with my class.

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