The Blood of Innocence

May 14, 2010
By SilentAce BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
SilentAce BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
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You see it all started on his fifth birthday in his mother’s broken downed house in the slums of the New York, Bronx. It was raining outside, but he didn’t care because his mother is there to be with him and he will never feel alone, but as he had made his wish and blown out the candles an evil force of pain and death had come to take his life and his mother away. This evil force was called The Constantine Mob, they are a gang that has somehow made a name for themselves and had brought their gang to the top of the most dangerous list, and they have been known to have the police under their corrupt control, but no one ever steps up to them or even tries to stop them from their work or else they’ll cut your life short. They broke through the window and crawled inside the house. They grabbed his mother and held her down as they had beaten the poor little boy to a bloody pulp, the mother screamed and struggled to get to her son but they wouldn’t let her, until they finally stopped and they moved away from the boy, but they still held the mother tight until one more person had climbed through the window and joined them in the room.
He was a tall man that had dark round rimmed glasses and wore a black trench coat with a suit under it. He moved over to were the mother was and grabbed her by the hair while whispering something in her ear, her eyes get wide after he smiles and she starts to scream and yell again saying “Please don’t take my son away please don’t”, but her cries do not reach the ears of this man before his gun is pointed at the young beaten child. The man smiles again and says “Well boy I guess this is the end for you”, he looks the boy straight in the eyes with psychotic rage and prepares to shoot, but somehow his mother had gotten free and was blocking the path of the gun from her son to say “Please don’t hurt him he’s only a child, just leave us alone please”, the man stares with a blank look and says “Sorry sweet thing but somebody has to die, I guess it’ll have to be you”, and with those words the young boy’s mother was dead in an instant right in front of his own face. As his mother fell to the ground the tall man grabs him close to his face and says with a dead voice “Ah, stop crying you little p****. Your mother died to save you and you know what? I’m not going to kill you, yet that is, but only if you tell me your name, ok?” The boy answers with fear and anger “My name, is Clyde”, “I see”, said the tall dark figure lifting him off the ground with one hand, “Well that’s a good name boy, and my name is-”, at that moment a cold flash of steel came to Clyde’s right eye and he yells in agony, the next thing he knew he couldn’t see from his right eye at all. The man had dropped the half blinded boy like a sack of rocks and came close to his ear to tell him the name he would never forget as long as he lived and that name was, “Van Dole”.
He then hears the sound of laughter and footsteps of the men leaving the room. They kick down the door instead of going back out the window, they all get outside and Clyde hears one last voice that says “Say, how long would it take a half blind kid to drag his mother out of a burning building?” a long pause comes from the men until the same man says “Well I guess we’ll answer that one soon.” Once those words were done the sound of shattered glass and the hot flames that started to engulf Clyde made him understand that there was fire in the house, he needed to get his mother out of the house, so he dragged her out the back door to the front lawn. He then held his mother tight and waited for help, it didn’t take long for the cops to get there, but something was wrong, the cops had ignored Clyde and started to laugh at the fire and how big it was, even the firefighters, all they did was join the cops in the fun and amazement of the fire. Clyde couldn’t understand what was going on, until a black mustang had pulled up and a man smoking a cigar had hoped out and said “Look at that fire man that’s huge, well I guess we better get out of here and go get drunk at a bar or something.”
They all agree with the man and they all get into their police cars and drive away from the fire, the only one left is the man with the cigar, he looks at Clyde and walks back to his car, but before he closes the door Clyde grabs his leg and begs the man to help him and his mother, but all the man does is say “Well kid maybe if your mother wasn’t so stupid you wouldn’t be here crying would you?”, he then smudges the cigar onto Clyde’s bleeding head and spits at him. He then closes the door and drives off leaving smoke and mud in Clyde’s bloody face, Clyde then goes over to the spot where he left his mother and begins to cry with no control over his emotions. He finally stops and falls asleep never awaking ever again.

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