The Fire in the Sky

May 14, 2010
The red and the orange reflected off of the gray clouds that looked like rolling waves and filled the sky with light as if the sky was on fire. In the center of this fire was an even brighter light than the light surrounding it; like a ball of flame that was blinding to look at and leaves a bright image in your eyes even after you look away or close your eyes. The streams of light from this ball of fire were visible and added yellow lines to the red and orange as if someone had painted them there- like a picture drawn on a canvas. It was the kind of sky that makes someone stop and stare at it and they just can't stop staring. But there was a part of this fire- hidden off to the side- where the light just couldn't shine; like the part inside all of us that is dark and locked up- the guilt and pain of our yesterday and the fear of our tomorrows. It was a gray streak through the fire and- although it was only one very small streak, especially compared to the rest of the sky- it was taking away from the beauty of the sky. Even though the fire in the sky was spectacular, soon the gray streak was growing and becoming more and more noticeable and the clouds that were once reflecting the light were now seemed to be less orange and more gray than they were before. Soon, the captivating, enchanting, mesmerizing fire was fading away as it was eaten by the darkness that was a part of it the whole time; and the gray streak took up most of the sky. The dark gray clouds were all that could be seen; the Fire in the Sky was gone.

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